Review: Captivated by Lauren Dane

Captivated Lauren DaneAfter spending 11 months held hostage by the Imperialists, Vincenz is the first person to provide human contact to Hannah Black.  Hannah’s vulnerability, and the fact that his father is the head of the Imperialists, brings forth Vincenz protective instincts.  He refuses to let her be taken from him instead taking her home to where he and his lover, Julian, can watch over her.  Julian is another lost and tortured soul so he immediately connects with Hannah.  The two men, both alpha males, form a protective family for Hannah as she tries to rebuild herself.

Hannah is a medical doctor.  Kidnapped and held in isolation by the Imperialists for a reason that she cannot figure out, she must now figure out a way to move on with her life.  Vincenz and Julian have provided her with a loving home but she feels a little left out from the connection she notices between the two men.  At one point she accidentally walks in on them having an intimate moment and instead of being embarrassed she secretly stays to watch.  What Hannah does not know is that Vincenz and Julian are just biding their time, until the moment they think she is strong enough, to have her in their bed also.

What made this story a real win for me was how Ms. Dane made it realistic.  Sometimes in a menage the author can be in such a hurry to get to the good parts that the actual story isn’t believable.  Hannah has come from 11 months of captivity so we cannot expect her to jump right into bed with the two men.  Ms. Dane offers us a reasonable amount of time, several months, before the three of them even venture into an area that brings up sexual contact.  And the process is still a slow one.  It starts with Hannah simply sleeping in bed with them.  Sleeping for comfort.  From there it moves to sexual situations such as kissing but not really much else.  The whole thing not only serves to show us the understanding these men have of Hannah but it allows the reader to experience some pretty steamy buildup.

Also, the story didn’t feel like it was about Hannah and Vincenz with a side benefit for Julian.  Or Julian and Vincenz with a little Hannah thrown in.  Each person in the threesome seemed like an equal part.  I could read about one couple having sex and not feel like they were doing something behind the other’s back.  They all worked as a unit.  And boy howdy can Ms. Dane write some menage sex.  Those are some seriously hot scenes.

The story does not stop with the development of their relationship.  Another step in Hannah’s healing is her being able to work again.  The three of them are sent out into the field to work as a team in the current war and each of them wrestles with their own set of demons.  Hannah must learn not to fear, Julian must get over losing a best friend and some anger issues and Vincenz has to get around the fact that his father is the bad guy in all of this.

I was pleased there was so much more to read with this book than just the menage story.  Although I would have likely been happy with the menage story alone because it was pretty hot!  I continue to be impressed with Ms. Dane and the completeness of each story she writes.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the first two but if not you could pick this one up as a standalone and still be satisfied.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

Julian held them both to him.  Getting used to something he shouldn’t.  It was absurd to think this could work given the crazy situation all around them.  But there seemed to be nothing else he could do.

Hannah rested her head on Julian’s chest.  “Sometimes you two are so beautiful I wonder if I’m still in the lab.  That maybe I’ve finally broken and this is all a lovely dream.”

Julian swallowed around a knot of emotion lodged in his throat.  He was a hard man.  He’d seen a lot in his time.  Very little had the ability to move him deeply.  But the sum total of that stood right there against him.

Rating: B+
Captivated by Lauren Dane
May 1st 2012 by Berkley Heat
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    “Each person in the threesome seemed like an equal part.”

    Zomg! I just commented on another guestpost saying that for me to have a threesome work is if all persons imvolved have an equal part in the relationship…and that Laid Bare is one of my faves LOL Yeah, Lauren Dane can work her Menage magic like nobodies business 😉 This one is high on my tbr shelf!

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    Laid Bare is a perfect example of how well she can do a menage relationship. This one had the same feel to it. I hope you feel the same way!

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      I agree, I liked Laid Bare because everyone in the relationship is distinctly different, yet all have an equal place in the relationship. I’m glad to hear that comes through in this one as well.

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    I loved the realism Lauren Dane conveyed in the Brown series. It’s nice to hear this series is the same. I need to start this one soon!