Review: By A Thread by Jennifer Estep

This is the 6th book in the Elemental Assassin series so there may be spoilers if you are not up to date with the series. 

By a Thread - Jennifer EstepThe Elemental Assassin series has never let me down. It features one of the most likable heroines I’ve ever read and with each new installment I look forward to being thoroughly entertained. I might have said this before about other books in the series, but By a Thread is my favorite book so far. This series just keeps getting better and better.

Since the beginning, Gin has been focused on killing Mab Monroe and avenging the deaths of her mother and sister. Now that Gin has killed her nemesis, things are not all roses and sunshine. It seems every criminal who’s ever heard of Mab Monroe is looking to make a name for themselves by taking out the assassin that killed her. Gin’s identity as The Spider is no longer a secret and she’s constantly having sleep with one eye open.

Gin has healed physically, so it’s time for a little vacation to regroup and relax. Bria and Gin hit the road intent on spending some down time together, but run into a little trouble. A powerful vampire wants Bria’s best friends restaurant and is willing to kill her to get it. Gin can’t just sit back and do nothing—it goes against her grain—and since her relationship with Bria is fragile at the moment, Gin will do anything to protect her from getting hurt both emotionally and physically.

I love this series because Gin never fails to kick ass in a major way. The external conflict is cleverly woven into the story, but for me it took a back seat to the emotional and relationship issues dealt with in the book.  The action was no less thrilling than in previous books though, and Gin’s powers have continued to get stronger making her seem almost invincible at this point. But Estep tossed in an interesting little twist with the elemental magic creating an edge that kept things fresh and exciting.

By A Thread was about healing, and relationships for Gin. She’s been through hell and she’s on the brink of a turning point in her life where she needs to decide where to go from here. Her relationship with Bria is thread bare and Gin wants nothing more than to solidify the relationship. But Bria is conflicted. There is love between them but they are on opposite sides of the law and they have to find a way to meet somewhere in between or Bria may walk away forever. I was frustrated with Bria at times because of her need to lay the blame for so many things at Gin’s feet. Although Gin is no martyr, sometimes I think she allows too much of this for the sake of harmony and preservation of her relationships. Her relationship with Bria is still a work in progress though I can appreciate that the author is not taking the easy road when it comes to this important relationship.

Gin is not the only fragile tie that holds Bria though. The romantic relationship between Finn and Bria continues progress, albeit a little slower than I’d like. But all good things are worth waiting for I suppose and I’m glad to see that our lover boy Finnegan Lane may have met his match. This secondary romance holds a great deal of promise and I can’t help but look forward to seeing how it will play out for these two.


“She puts up with me because I happen to be rich, handsome, charming, a witty conversationalist, and exceptionally talented in bed,” he smirked. “Flexible too.”

Finn and Bria are good together:

In the distance, a sudden roar ripped through the air, and a flash of fire flared upward into the sunset sky before blooming into a black cloud of smoke. In addition to being rather handy with guns, Finn enjoyed making the occasional explosive in his spare time, and he’d just used his expertise to blast open the front gate. A few shouts rose up, followed by the sharp crack-crack-crack of a gun. Finn again, putting down the guards in the front of the house, along with some help from Bria. My baby sister wasn’t quite as good a shot as Finn, but she could hit a giant’s head at a hundred feet, which was all she needed to do tonight.

After all this time, Detective Donovan Caine comes back into Gin’s life. (It’s in the blurb.) I was so nervous about this because I really love Owen and Gin together and I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship will continue to grow. I’m not necessarily a hater of love triangles but in this case I DID NOT WANT IT! But as I said, this book was about healing, and closure and moving forward for Gin and this confrontation needed to happen. It’s awkward and painful, but so necessary.  While I was happy with the outcome, it doesn’t feel finished and I can’t help but think there is more to come. That’s all I’m saying about that. :)

I think of this as my reliable series because the stories never fail to leave me wanting more. Gin is stronger than ever and this series shows no signs for losing steam anytime soon. By a Thread is one of the best so far and I look forward to seeing where Jennifer Estep will take the series now.

Favorite Quote:


“Yeah, yeah,” I said. “I know exactly what you’re going to say. I’m a bitch, this isn’t over, and I’ll be seeing you again real soon. If I had a dollar for every time I’d heard that, I’d be even richer than I already am.”


“You’re mine,” Owen said in a fierce whisper, the heat in his eyes as bright as the scorching sun. “Not his. Mine. Only mine. Always mine.”

Rating: A
By A Thread by Jennifer Estep
February 28th 2012 by Pocket
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  1. says

    Won’t read the review, but saw this post and thought I’d stop by just to tell you that the book is waiting for me (Kindle I love you!) to hop into bed tonight. SOOOO excited to read it. A fantastic series.
    _yay_ @ Book that Thing
    Visit my blog anytime.

  2. says

    oh I loved this book. And I was a little worried because I didn’t know the direction this series would go now that the Mab stuff is done with. But I really loved it.

    Annnnd – being a Donovan fan *ahem* I was excited he was back – and SO happy things didn’t get really messy with him.

    Such a great series :)

  3. says

    *nods head in agreement with everything in the review.* I have to admit I was worried about this one, but loved how not everything was perfect in Gins life, but at same time she got the closure she needed to move on. I just love Owen and all the characters in this series. Finn never ceases to bring a smile to my face-I wish he could be in every scene, lol.

  4. Lexi says

    Oh how I love Owen! I can’t wait to read this book, and to see hw Finn has finally met his match.

  5. Claire C says

    i agree with everything above – totally loved this book (and had been really worried about how the series would play out). Def one of my favourite UF series.