Review: But For You by Mary Calmes

But For You by Mary CalmesThe 6th and (according to Mary Calmes) final book in the delicious and crackworthy A Matter of Time series. I almost didn’t want to read it. I am so not ready for my time spent with Jory and Sam to end. The first book in this series came out in 2009. The m/m genre was so new to me back then, and I think A Matter of Time #1 was the 2nd or 3rd book in the genre that I had read at that point. To this day I’ve never forgotten how the ending to the first book ripped my heart out. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster with Jory and Sam over the  years, but I can say this final book in the series left me very satisfied. And probably for the first time ever in the series I didn’t want to ring Jory’s neck throughout the book.

Jory is now 35 years old! In the first book of the series he was 22 – a crazy, trouble magnet 22 year old. Sam Kage was a police detective back then who couldn’t get Jory out from under his skin. Fast forward through a total of 6.5 books and 13 years in their relationship and now they’re  married, with two children, and their love for each other is just as ferocious as ever. I think that’s what always brought me back to the books in this series – the ferocity of Sam’s feelings for Jory and vice versa. Fierce is how I would describe their love and their sex too. Yowser. It get’s me every time. The number of times Sam Kage pinned Jory down and bit the back of his neck or shoulder ….I’m pretty sure I have all those times memorized. 😉

I am so happy to see how much Jory has grown up and matured over the years but also how he hasn’t lost his quirkiness or the fun things in his personality that I adore. Seeing him as a protective father to two precocious children was heartwarming and rewarding as a long time reader of this series. I also feel that giving Sam the family he had always dreamed of was the perfect way to bring closure to their story. In But For You, there is the quintessential “Jory is a trouble magnet” moments to move the plot a long. And for some reason Calmes decided to torture us readers and Jory & Sam with a revisit from one of Sam’s past male lovers. But in the end everything got tied together. It was also a treat to have characters from past books make an appearance in this one, and most of all, Sam’s mother and father. It’s interesting to see how Mary Calmes has evolved as an author since 2009. I think her writing has improved greatly since the first book in this series and the story flows much better than previous books. Jory can still be long-winded in some instances, but knowing this is the last book, I didn’t mind so much.

I think more than anything I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Mary Calmes for giving us the story of Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage! When I think of the M/M genre, I can’t think of it without thinking of these two characters. It’s been a rough ride sometimes, but seeing the two of them age and mature over the years and love each other so fiercely has been a pleasure.

Rating: B+
But For You by Mary Calmes
October 12th 2012 by Dreamspinner Press
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  1. Danielle says

    Been reading this series the last couple of days. Have read books 1-4. They are really great. Just bought books 5 & 6. Can’t wait to start reading them.

    Have you read any other books by Mary Calmes? If so what would you recommend next to read.

    Also what other authors of m/m would you recommend? Only other author I have read is Abigail Roux.


    • says

      I have read quite a few other Mary Calmes books and I recommend the books Frog and Acrobat.

      Abi Roux is my favorite! Ty and Zane are so delicious.
      Marie Sexton’s Coda series is one of my very favorites – highly recommend and be sure to read in order.
      I also love Tere Michaels’ series, anything by Josh Lanyon is always good, and Z.A. Maxfield’s St. Nachos series to name of a few.