Review: Burn For Me by Lauren Blakely

Burn For Me by Lauren BlakelyVolunteer firefighter and construction worker, Smith Grayson has wanted his best friend Jamie Lansing for a long time but always believed she would never give him the time of day. Jamie is a manager/bartender at The Panting Dog and with the construction work happening behind the bar, their paths cross on a regular basis.  Jamie has always been a sweet and devoted woman desiring a man who is not afraid to commit. Although she has always been attracted to Smith, she knows he has a reputation as a playboy and would never consider a relationship with him beyond friends. But after both admit their attraction and engage in a one night stand, Jamie rethinks her stance on relationships and proposes to Smith a week of no-strings-attached, sex only deal. Now Smith decides he has one week to prove to Jamie that he wants more than friends with benefits and while she may have declared no strings, his string is only attached to her.

Burn for Me is book one in the Entangled: Brazen Fighting Fire series by Lauren Blakely. I’ll cut to the chase and say the story was extremely dull,  lacking the heat and intensity I’ve come to expect from a Brazen read. The heroine, Jamie was excessively annoying and immature; therefore I never connected with them as a couple. Jamie made Smith out to be a total man whore, (which was not the case) constantly judging him and jumping to conclusions. Her inconsistency with what she wanted in regard to a relationship became monotonous throughout the story. I commend Smith for his patience and resilience because she was irrationally irritating and in the end I was not rooting for them as a couple.

Look, I know this is no-strings-attached, but I need to know for sure that you aren’t messing around with anyone else this week.”

“I’m not, I promise.” he said, and she could hear the earnestness in his tone, but she could also feel it, as if she were holding it in her grasp.

“I wouldn’t do that. I swear on my men, on all my guys at the firehouse. I swear on the way I’d protect them and run into burning houses to save a kid, a family, a dog, even a cat, that I was only there on a work call.”

“You swear?” she asked, her voice trembling. At some point she was going to have to decide whether to let go of her fears.

The style of writing felt very formulaic and the dialogue more cheesy and cliché than sexy. Unfortunately, this is the same style I encountered in another book by this author and therefore have no desire to continue the series.

Rating: D
Burn For Me by Lauren Blakely
June 9th 2014 by Entangled: Brazen
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