Review: Brook Street: Thief by Ava March

Thief - Ava MarchLord Benjamin Parker is not completely sure of his sexuality. He believes he prefers men but has never acted on his desire to be with a man. He’s heard of a club that is rumored to be frequented by gentlemen that prefer other gentlemen and he decides to visit in hopes of learning once and for all if he truly prefers men over women. Once at the club Lord Benjamin realizes he is in the right place as he see subtle evidence of affection between some of the gentlemen. It isn’t long before he is approached by an attractive man at a gambling table. It’s clear what Cavin has in mind and he and Benjamin share a very steamy night together but Benjamin wakes to find himself alone.

After an amazing night with Benjamin, Cavin can’t bring himself to steal from him. Instead, he quietly slips out expecting never to see Benjamin again. Unfortunately he took the wrong coat when he slipped away and needs to exchange them before his boss Hale finds out what happened. Cavin was taken in by Hale when he was young and taught to steal to survive. He grew up stealing for Hale in return for a place to live and for protection. He’s has had a rough life sometimes being forced into prostitution by Hale. He now fears for one of the younger boys under Hale’s so-called protection and wants to do whatever he can to help this boy avoid that same fate.

Although Cavin knows there is no chance for anything more than the one night they shared together, he cannot get Benjamin out of his mind. Benjamin on the other hand has no intention of letting Cavin go and will do whatever he can to help him and keep him close.

Thief is a novella about two men from very different backgrounds. The odds are certainly stacked against them as two gay men from dramatically different stations in life. Whenever I read a story like this, I’m always skittish because I don’t like the idea of one character pitying another because of their economic circumstances. I loved that although Benjamin wanted to help Cavin, he was very careful never to cross that line. These men live in a society where the classes are very well defined but Benjamin sees Cavin as his friend and lover.

As always in an Ava March book, the sex is very hot and loaded with emotional intensity. With many obstacles to overcome and a relationship that seems impossible, the romance was very believable and also very sweet. Although Cavin and Ben don’t get a conventional happily ever after, I loved how it all worked out for them.

Rating: B+
Brook Street: Thief by Ava March
March 19th 2012 by Carina Press
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