Review: Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels

Broken Blade (Colbana Files #3) by J.C. DanielsTo say that I have been anticipating the third book in the Colbana Files would be a huge understatement. The ending of the second book, Night Blade, left me gasping for air, clutching my Kindle, desperate to find out how Kit recovers from her captivity and torture and how she will continue in her relationship with Damon. I’ve gone back and reread this book, especially the ending, numerous times and each one of those times I’m left with the same ache in my chest. Broken Blade was definitely one of my most anticipated upcoming releases.

The Kit at the beginning of this book is scared and sad and very lost. Not sure who she is anymore, having lost the bond with her blade and currently stuck in a cycle of nightmares and pain. She’s taken refuge at Wolf Haven, a place where she feels safe, tending bar and hiding out under the protection of Goliath and TJ. This Kit made me sad, she seemed so small and fragile, not the strong badass I’ve grown to love at all. The first part of this book moves at a slower pace as the broken Kit slowly fights to regain the lost pieces of herself and put it all slowly back together. At first being goaded by her friends into venturing out of the safety of Wolf Haven and then ultimately by finding a way to confront her fears and conquer them. All the while the reader has a sense that Damon is stalking Wolf Haven, trying to get to his lost lover, sensing her need and wanting to protect her. The Damon I was so angry with at the end of the last book is gone, replaced by a man who is himself a little shattered by Kit’s trauma.

Once Kit finally decides to get back out in the world, the story picks up. She accepts a job helping a young woman find the father of her unborn baby and this takes her back to the Lair. It seems Damon isn’t the only one who realizes that they let Kit down in a very fundamental way. Just when she thinks the original job is finished and she can slowly move back in to her office and go back to work a bigger job lands on her desk and this is one she doesn’t dare say no to. But to get it done she’ll have to have the help of Justin and confront her demons faster than she ever thought she’d be able to .

I have to say I thought this story was paced perfectly, slow at first as Kit is overcoming the horrific events of the previous installment then gradually picking up speed as the plot started to unfold. Everything I wanted to happen in this story does. As much as I was anticipating this book, I was also a little bit afraid of it too. Ms. Daniels held nothing back in book two, taking Kit places I never thought she would go, putting her and readers through the wringer and emotionally devastating all of us. I really had no idea where she would take us now. I shouldn’t have been worried, Kit may have been damaged at the beginning, but she’s a fighter and it was a  wondrous thing watching her find her strength again. There’s almost a desperation between Damon and Kit as they work out their differences and decide if they can be with each other again. It’s going to take time for this couple, but ultimately I think readers will be pleased by how they are taking it slow this time around.

Even though Broken Blade starts off on a somber note, it ends giving readers hope and for this I was very thankful. This is still one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series, and a must read for fans of this genre. Final Grade- A

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t care how long it takes. I’ll wait. I…” He clenched his jaw and went silent. Then, each word coming slowly, he said, “You told me you weren’t ready to hear what I had to say, and that’s fine. I’ll wait for that, too. I’ll wait forever.”

Rating: A
Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels
January 6th 2014 – Self Published
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