Review: Breaking by Claire Kent

Breaking Claire KentI love a good epilogue and even better a novella that brings me back to a favorite couple years after the happily every after. Breaking takes place about three years after Ander and Lori’s HEA in Escorted. The story is told from Ander’s point of view this time.

First, I want to say that this novella is loaded with sex scenes. Really hot sex scenes. While Ander might be struggling emotionally, he is still very highly skilled in the bedroom. :) Anders uses sex as a distraction to avoid facing something that has thrown him into emotional turmoil. Lori loves Ander and she can tell he’s not fully with her emotionally and she wants to break through and help him. I found this interesting since part of the appeal of Escorted for me, was the way the author slowly built up the deep emotional intimacy and now that is where we see this couple stumbling a few years later. Interesting to see how they dealt with this bump in the road.

I enjoyed reading from Ander’s point of view. I was not especially bothered by not getting his point of view in Escorted, but still, it’s nice to view the relationship from Ander’s point of view just to satisfy that bit of curiosity about how he sees his relationship with Lori.

I thought the actual emotional conflict seemed a little weak. Lori and Ander are so close emotionally and this far down the line in their relationship, it didn’t really make sense that he had such a hard time opening up about his secret. He seems so tortured but with all he and Lori have shared this conflict didn’t really make sense to me. Still, I enjoyed revisiting Lori and Ander’s world.

I think you could read this short story on it’s own, however I think you would enjoy it more if you read Escorted first.

Rating: C+
Breaking by Claire Kent
June 26th 2013 – Self Published
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  1. says

    I looooved Escorted so I was kind of hoping this one was a little better than what you said it was. I get upset when established couples, that I like, are having issues. I know it is part of real life, but I like my HEA and after.

  2. says

    Well their problems are not bad. Just Ander not communicating basically. He makes sure to sex up Lori extra good to make up for it. LOL

    • Angela says

      Well alright then, as long as he sexes her up to compensate. Lol.

      I’ve been meaning to get to this one just haven’t had the chance yet.

  3. Amy says

    You know Ander has a substantial package with all that sexing up. All the baldies do; a la Pitbull. 😉