Review: Blood Hunt by Shannon K. Butcher

Blood HuntThis is the 5th book in The Sentinel Wars series and this time around the story shifts to the Sanguinar. I was excited that at this point in the series this book was going to have a slightly different focus than the previous books. I definitely found that it made things fresh and interesting. This book renewed my love and interest in this series, and I’m really looking forward to book 6!

Let me just say straight up, that at this point in the series you cannot just pick this book up and understand what is going on unless you have read the previous books. Ms. Butcher has weaved a tangled web of plots, characters, and potential romantic pairings that can sometimes be confusing to even me, and I have read every book. What I can say for sure though is in Blood Hunt,  Hope, the heroine, and Logan, the blood hunting hero, are now two of my favorite characters in the series. In fact, Hope is one of the best heroines in any paranormals I have read recently. She is strong, smart, passionate about what she believes in, and loyal to those she loves. She’s not afraid when the stakes get high.

Logan is determined in his hunt to find blood to keep his race alive. He fights his connection and attraction to Hope while also relentlessly pursuing his quest for blood in a way that left me frustrated yet captivated. But when he let that sly, wry sense of humor come out, I would swoon right back to his side. The chemistry between Hope and Logan is undeniable and as a reader you just knew they HAD to be together, but how that was going to happen was a mystery all the way to very end.

There are lots of other stories going on in Blood Hunt, both old unresolved ones and new extremely exciting ones, that I can’t wait for the next book. This series is full of romance, violence, and chemistry between various characters that is off the charts. From reading Ms. Butcher’s website she has already revealed Book 6 will be Iain’s book. I. Can’t. Wait.

Rating: A-
Blood Hunt by Shannon K. Butcher
August 2nd 2011 by Signet
Paranormal Romance
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  1. ChrisS says

    Thanks for the review. This is one of my favorite series. I am so curious about Logan’s story and I can’t wait to read this book.

  2. says

    I can’t wait to read this one. I’ve put it on the request list at my library to order it. They’ve ordered all the others and I’ve read them as they came in.

    Great review.

  3. Denise Z says

    Thank you for sharing about this very interesting read today. I just recently heard about this title and it is definitely on my wishlist.