Review: Bladed Magic by J.C. Daniels

Bladed Magic (Colbana Files 0.6) by J.C. DanielsBladed Magic is a short prequel in the Colbana Files. For new readers this is a good introduction to this world and the main protagonist, Kit Colbana. For established fans of this series, this prequel gives an excellent glimpse of the Kit we all know and love before the events of Blade Song and helps them understand how she became the woman she is today. I absolutely adore this series, so I jumped at the chance to find out more about Kit and how she began her journey.

When the story opens Kit is still working for TJ at Wolf Haven as a bartender, and even though she has certain abilities and a connection to her blade, she’s mostly afraid and uncertain if she wants to venture out beyond the protection TJ and Goliath provide. That is until she comes across an argument outside the bar one evening between a certain witch and several shapeshifters. She comes to his rescue and gets hurt in the process, but when she wakes up she is formally introduced to the green-eyed witch from the alley. Justin is looking for the man responsible for the deaths of several shapeshifter children and he thinks Kit can help him. Against her better judgment, following just her instincts and feelings, Kit follows Justin into an investigation that will change her life.

I enjoyed this short story from beginning to end. I loved seeing how Kit and Justin meet and start to form a friendship. It must be noted for those of you not familiar with this series that while Justin does play a huge part in Kit’s life and they have a tremendous amount of chemistry in this installment, he is not the love interest for Kit as the series progresses. That man also makes an appearance, but only a very minor one as he and Kit haven’t really been introduced yet. I got a little thrill when he walked onto the page and since I know what is coming up for him and Kit I was excited by just that small glimpse. Justin IS special though and I hope that as Ms. Daniels continues to write this series he will get his own love interest, but in this story he is the one who helps Kit break out of her shell and step out onto the road to becoming a bad ass investigator.  I have a respect for him now that I didn’t have before and a much better understanding of him and his relationship with Kit.

Because this is such a short story, only about 65 pages, there isn’t a deep look into this world, but it will be a treat for readers anxious to get back to Kit as they wait for the fourth book in the series. I also think there is just enough page time that people wanting a taste of what the Colbana Files has to offer will be hitting their one click buttons for Blade Song in order to keep reading. Final Grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“There you are.  I knew you were in there.”

Rating: B
Bladed Magic by J.C. Daniels
March 16th 2014 – Self Published
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