Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha

Beyond Addiction (Beyond #5) by Kit RochaI have shameless love for this series… shameless, deep, abiding love. I’ve been eagerly anticipating Trix’s story since the ending of Beyond Jealousy and the authors who make up this writing duo weren’t helping any with their teasers on twitter. I needed this book ASAP. So when it popped up in my inbox while I was at a convention in Vegas I was slightly conflicted. Do I sneak read when ever possible or be responsible and stay focused? Yeah well, I ended up only sneaking occasionally and then finishing on the plane ride home. What? I tried being good!

Warning! There will be  spoilers ahead!

Beyond Addiction is Trix and Finn’s story. As this series has progressed we’ve met other characters with profound, troubling issues that they’ve only managed to work through after finding love and absolute acceptance. As everyone knows by now, the Sector Four family is tight and they don’t do anything by half measures. Whether it’s loving, playing or fighting they do it balls to the walls full speed ahead. And they do it together. This couple’s past is dark and their addiction to drugs and each other almost led them down a path of no return, until Trix escapes and finds her way to Four and a better life. Now she’s been drugged, kidnapped and taken back to the one place she hoped never to step foot in again.

Finn can’t believe his Tracy is still alive. Her death gave him a reason to get clean and work on taking down the leader of Sector Five from the inside. After getting over his shock of finding her breathing and back in his life he now has a new purpose.  He’ll do anything to get Trix out alive and back to the place she now calls home.  There is still nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Not one damn thing.

Finn didn’t ask if she could stand. Instead, he hooked an arm under her legs and one behind her back, lifting her with familiar ease. “I’m going to get you out, girl. One way or another, you’re going home. You hear me?”

In some ways the fifth book in the Beyond series was just what I expected, yet it did have a slightly different feel at times. All the things I love are still there, the amazing world building, the incredible growth of the characters and the dynamics within the Sector Four family. It was Finn and Trix and their backstory that came across as darker, heavier and almost tragic. Especially since Finn is still carrying around his guilt over Trix’s addiction like an albatross around his neck. He wants to be with her, yet he thinks he doesn’t deserve her because of their twisted past.

“Stop,” he grated out. “Just–you live in Four now, don’t you? Land of the motherfucking heroes. You should know the difference between being good and not being as bad as you could have been.”

Tears stung her eyes, and she blinked them away. “All right.”

H muttered a curse and dropped his hands. “See? I’m still a shitty hero But I’m trying this time.”

Their journey leads to huge sacrifices, learning to accept the new, better versions of themselves, letting go of the guilt and ultimately finding a home in Four together. They’ve been separated for several years so in essence this is their chance to push the reset button, start over and get it right this time. As dark as their romance was at the beginning, the devotion and loyalty they had for each other was beautiful and made the HEA that much sweeter. Their sexual relationship is not quite as dirty as other romances represented thus far, at least I didn’t think so (with the exception of that one Dallas/Lex foursome scene that was smokin’), but I think the authors got it exactly right with this couple.

Okay, they are a little dirty.

His breath heated her jaw. Her cheek. Her ear. “Touch yourself. Get off on me. Take what you want from me.”

But damn it, so sweet too.

“I did it all the wrong ways last time. I still can’t believe you trust me, but I’m too damn greedy to care. I wanna see how high you can fly when the only thing we’re hooked on is each other.”

I have to say I love the chapters from POVs other than the main protagonists that are sprinkled throughout the storyline. It brings me back into their heads and keeps me updated on what is going on in their lives and how their relationships are still evolving.

Here’s one from Cruz:

“Quite flirting with me,” Ace chided. “You’ll make Cruz jealous.”

Cruz met Ace’s wicked look with an easy smile–and a peace he’d never imagined. “I know what’s mine.”

“Fabulous,” Jared said dryly. “And vaguely disgusting. It must be love.”

Here’s one from Dallas:

The luxury of being a simple bootlegger was long gone. From now on, Dallas O’Kane was a man preparing for war–and not the messy-but-confined brutality of a sector war. In his gut, he knew where the real danger lay.

I am so excited to see where the story arc is going. Big things are happening between the Sectors and there were all kinds of significant developments that are sure to build to an amazing climax. As I delve into each new release I think to myself “this will be my favorite couple, this will be my favorite story”, then the teasers start about upcoming romances and I find myself once again on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. Final Grade- B+

Favorite Quote: (Because I think it sums up why I love the O’Kanes and Sector Four)

They were all filthy in their own ways. Without shame and without judgment, and it was the most intoxicating fucking thing he’d ever seen. You couldn’t bottle the high that came with loving acceptance. You couldn’t buy it.

You had to earn it.

Rating: B+
Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha
August 11th 2014 – Self Published
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