Review: Bet on Me by Alisha Rai + Giveaway

Bet on Me is the third and final part to Alisha Rai’s Bedroom Games trilogy.  In part one, Play With Me, Wyatt and Tatiana found each other after a 10 year separation and decided to give their relationship another try.  In part two, Risk & Reward, the couple is maintaining a long distance relationship and working through some obvious issues they have.  With Bet on Me being the last installment I wondered how this couple would end up in the same place and what their future would hold.

Bet on Me by Alisha Rai Bedroom Games series #3

Wyatt and Tatiana are now in the same city and closer than ever.  Tatiana is very much in love with Wyatt but afraid to tell him.  She doesn’t think they have been together long enough to use the “l” word and she wants to make sure it is said at the right time.  Wyatt isn’t sure how to label his feelings but he doesn’t think he would survive her leaving him again so he goes about tying her, as tightly as he can, to him.  Wyatt has many unhealthy things going on in his head and if they are to have any sort of future he needs to work through them.

He opened his eyes, staring bleakly.  He wasn’t enough.  He had told her that.  Her family had told her that .  She didn’t believe them, for whatever reason.  Lucky for him.

But it meant he couldn’t reveal his foibles now.  Not his childhood scars.  Not his fear he would never be able to be a part of a functional family.  Not until she was in too deep.

Any chance of working through their feelings comes to an abrupt halt when a nine-year old girl shows up at his office.  After the initial panic of thinking he could have a child, he finds out she is his sister and that his father has remarried.  This would be the father that once his mother died, became an alcoholic and left his son to fend for himself.  Wyatt was on own to pay the bills, feed himself, get to school, all things a young child should never have to do.  His father has a new life and the hatred he has carried for the man boils over.

Instead of telling Tatiana he willing follows her to an orgy.  He needs to lose himself in her and this is the perfect way.  I am not a big fan of partner sharing but Ms. Rai does it just right here.  The orgy is blistering hot but there is no sharing.  On Tatiana’s wishes Wyatt remains a possessive bastard and the orgy is more of a voyeuristic type.

After the night of sexual indulgence Wyatt opens up to Tatiana about his sister.  Expecting her to fly off the handle for not telling her right away, Wyatt is surprised when all Tatiana does is support him and offer to listen.  This reaction by Tatiana was perfect.  If she had gone off on him they would have taken two steps back and I am not sure I would have believed the HEA for this couple.  However, they don’t go backward but we see how far they have come from their days of youth and how much they really do trust and love each other now.  Tatiana offers Wyatt the outlet he needs which allows him to open up even further to her.

I really think Tatiana’s reaction was the catalyst to the future and, of course, everything works out.  There is a wonderful epilogue that hit all the right notes for me.  Overall, Bet on Me was a satisfying end for this couple and I can’t think of any other way it could have happened.  This trilogy is a good one for people who don’t like cliffhanger endings but do enjoy a series that follows one couple.  Each book leaves you in a good place but one where you know more will come.  I enjoyed the Bedroom Games series a lot.  It also helps that there are some super sexy times in each book.  Boy, that Wyatt….he is a dirty one!  Final grade- B

Favorite Quote:

“Mind if we stop and grab a burger?  You’d didn’t think to feed me before our big adventure.”

She yawned loudly.  “Look, I could either arrange an orgy or make you a sandwich.  I’m not superwoman.”

Rating: B
Bet on Me by Alisha Rai
April 7, 2014 by self-published
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  1. Amy R says

    I have the first 2 books in this series but haven’t read yet. I am glad the they get their HEA and I love epilogues, they typically complete a book for me.

  2. Julia Snyder says

    I tend to lean towards series’ I think you get a better story than it all crammed into one book alone. I think this one sounds very good, I like that you can follow just them and their relationship. I have been reading a series by Roberta Grimes, is her site. Her series is Letters From Love, a great romance driven series, I have loved it so far!

  3. Chris Bails says

    Sounds like my type of book. Love them steamy. I have not read any of this series and I am going to have to change that. This book and series look awesome and definitely looking forward to reading it. I do love the last quote, that is an awesome one.
    She yawned loudly. “Look, I could either arrange an orgy or make you a sandwich. I’m not superwoman.”
    I am going to use this more often at home to my guy when he wants something. I can’t wait to find out why she said it though. I bet it was good.

  4. Nina says

    Nice review. I read the first installment a while back and really enjoyed it! I’m excited to continue on this journey with Tatiana and Wyatt :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. erinf1 says

    I’m pretty sure that I have the first book in this series buried in the TBR pile, so I”m definitely going to have dig it out :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. KellyM says

    I’ve been waiting to read this series until all 3 books were out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Maureen says

    I haven’t read this series yet but it looks like one that I would enjoy. Thanks for the review.