Review: Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

 Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy #2) by Lisa Renee JonesBeing Me is the second book in the Inside Out trilogy.  If I Were You left the reader in a state of suspension.  We had no answers on Rebecca or her fate.  We don’t know what part Chris, Sara’s lover, or Mark, her boss, play in the role of Rebecca’s disappearance.  Chris left Sara with the news that he likes to give and receive pain.  With so many questions unanswered I was anxious to get my hands on this book.

Being Me picks up immediately where If I Were You left off.  Sara is at Rebecca’s storage locker and the power has gone off.  She knows someone is there with her but doesn’t know who it is.  Her instincts push her to run so she does.  When she is safely to her car her phone rings and Chris is on the other end telling her he is back in town and to stay where she is.  Chris arrives to help and they have a bit of a make-up session.

It is quickly becoming apparent that several people have a stake in Rebecca’s journals so Chris hires some private detectives and orders Sara to stay out of it.  For the most part Sara listens but because of her past and her issues with controlling men she has difficulty accepting orders.

For the most part, the plot of the book is fairly simple.  Finding out what happened to Rebecca and how all the relationships connect around her.  But there are so many little things going on in the background.  Sara struggles to have a relationship with the very secretive Chris.  She tries to resist the pull of her boss, Mark.  And she worries that she has just stepped into Rebecca’s life and taken up where she left off.

Being Me took me on a crazy, emotional rollercoaster ride.  There were times when I didn’t like the book because of an issues that I disagreed with but for the most part, I couldn’t put it down.  One of my main issues was with Chris.  He is Sara’s main love interest and I fail to see his appeal.  For page after page we are told of his dark depths yet we don’t know why or what.  He is secretive and closed off only revealing to Sara the parts that he feels she can take.  It isn’t until one breathtaking event happens that I felt we got to see the real Chris.  I felt the reader was tempted for 300 pages of what Chris could be and what we could dive into however we never were given that privilege.  It took almost until the book was over to really get to the meat of the story and his issues.  But once we find out certain information…well it is yanked right back from us.  It was the boy who cried wolf scenario like four times over.

With Chris being so closed off to the reader, I found myself more drawn to Mark.  Mark is seductive, dark and doesn’t hide what he wants or feels.  He subtly pursues Sara and I wanted her to not so subtly give in.  There were times where I felt Mark had more to offer Sara in the areas of seduction and finding out who she is.  I have a little trouble with a book when I like the other dude better.  Take this quote for example:

“I would never put my pleasure, or my pain, for that matter, ahead of your needs, Sara.”

I am sure that his vow is meant to lure me deeper under his spell but it doesn’t work.  It smacks me in the face with possibilities I don’t want to consider and jerks me into defensive mode.  I sit back sharply.  “He doesn’t do that.  Chris doesn’t put himself ahead of me.”

“What do you call what he’s done, Sara?”

“He’s trying to protect me.”

“And how does protection feel?  Because you aren’t eating and you aren’t sleeping.  If that is how he protects you, he’s failed.”

Sara, well I have my issues with her too.  She has problems with controlling men and we know that Chris is controlling.  So why stick around and exacerbate the issue?  She was so back and forth with her emotions that I was getting whiplash.

So it sounds like I didn’t like the book, right?  Well no. I was glued to the pages.  Each of the characters are flawed yet extremely compelling.  The story sucks you right in to the point where I felt like I was balanced on a ledge for most of the book.  The end comes in an explosion of answers and action.  We find out who Rebecca’s Master is.  We learn where Rebecca is.  We learn many things about the journals and how each man plays a part.  Part of it was so easily figured out but other parts had me shocked.

So while many questions are answered, there are a ton left open.  The end was abrupt and made me yell but it wasn’t a mad yell.  Being Me answers enough questions to where the reader can be satisfied yet still be left waiting and wanting the next book.  Overall, I couldn’t put this book down.  It was a great follow up to the first book and I will be anxiously awaiting the final book in the trilogy.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

“I’m going to own you, body and soul.  I will bind you. I will fuck your ass.  Your mouth.  I will do what I want.  And none of this even comes close to where I’ve been and where I will never take you.”


“This is who I am, Sara. I will protect you from everything and everyone else, but I can’t protect you from who I am or who we will be if you stay with me.”

Rating: B+
Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones
June 11th 2013 by Gallery Books
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