Review: Beautiful Scars by Shiloh Walker

 Beautiful Scars by Shiloh WalkerChaili has been in love with Marc since she was a kid. Marc never saw her in a romantic light  and eventually went on to pursue his music career but Chaili has always been a presence in his life. We don’t have to suffer through years of angst as Chaili pines after her man though. The story starts now, when both are adults and have had other relationships.

Marc is a musician who has focused on his career and not much else. He’d rather do what he’s good at, make music and sing because when he tries to communicate otherwise, he’ll probably mess it up. He might mean well but what comes out of his mouth usually sounded better in his head. He’s known his friend Chaili for years but has never had a romantic interest in her. Although he has no shortage of available date potential, he decides to use use his sister’s escort service to get a date for an event and is stunned when his date turns out to be the very lovely, and sexy Chaili.

Chaili is divorced, struggling financially and carrying some physical and emotional scars. She’s good friends with Marc’s sister Shera and when she hears Marc needs an escort of an event, she jumps at the chance to go on a date with the man she’s been secretly in love with for years.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch a dream and she was going to run with it, enjoy every second of it while it lasted.

Their date goes wonderfully; they clique and the chemistry is off the charts. Marc realizes that Chaili could be much more than a friend and they spend a very passionate, intense night together. Unfortunately, Marc screws it up with a thoughtless remark and he nearly ends a new relationship before it even gets off the ground. He is determined to fix the damage he did and make it up to Chaili and perhaps pursue what he suspects could be something very special.

Chaili was a refreshing surprise. Because of her circumstances I kept expecting a typical broken heroine who displays false bravado while she secretly wants to be saved. But Chaili surprised me time and time again. She has scars from her past, both physical and emotional but her only real weakness is Marc; and even with him, she’s no wimp. She’s been through hell but she takes life as it comes and keeps moving forward. I loved her sexual confidence.  She knows what she likes is not ashamed and I loved that she doesn’t’ feel the need to say she is not ashamed. She is just who she is.

“I’m thinking I’d like to kiss you stupid,” she finally said. “Then I’d liked to get on my knees and take you in my mouth and see if I could make you feel about as weak and crazy as you make me.”

Marc comes off as an ass sometimes because what comes out of his mouth is sometimes unfiltered. He cares and has good intentions and most importantly recognizes that he can bumble a situation by saying the wrong thing. I loved watching as Marc stumbled and fumbled to win Chaili’s heart. He wants to help Chaili and knows he must not step on her pride by rushing and in fixing her.

The first night they spent together was very sexy and intense. I wish their sexual relationship has not gone on to include domination and submission. The sex was ok but I’m over sex clubs, rules, etc. I found their first love scene much hotter because it was spontaneous. Once they start working out the rules and reminding each other of the rules during sex it becomes scripted and clinical. The kink didn’t work for me.

I was unsatisfied with the ending. It comes on quickly and I felt like there should have been a little more beyond “I love you”. Chaili and Marc had a wonderful story and a little more after the declaration of love would have rounded this story about nicely.

I’ve become a fan of the “I’ve been in love with you since I was a kid and now you’ve finally noticed me” romances. Friends to lovers is always a hit with me but I especially love it when long time love is finally requited. It’s sort of a sad situation when one protagonist has waited around forever but if it’s done right, a story like this can be such a satisfying romance. Beautiful scars is a lovely romance that for the  most part worked very well for me.

Favorite Quote:

“Take off your shirt.” With a watery laugh, she whispered, “Is this a sex thing?” His hands gripped her shirt.

“It’s a ‘Marc worships you and wants you to see what he sees’ thing,” he whispered, dragging the material up.

Rating: B-
Beautiful Scars by Shiloh Walker
January 13th 2013 by Samhain
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