Review: Bad Idea by Damon Suede

Bad Idea by Damon SuedeHot Head is one of my favorite m/m romances so when I saw that Mr. Suede had a new book coming out, Bad Idea, I was pretty excited.  Bad Idea is the story of Trip and Silas, both a little nerdy and both a little quirky.

Trip works as a graphic novel artist, which he is good at and enjoys, but he works for the Unboyfriend.  Cliff is called the Unboyfriend by Trip’s friends because he has strung Trip along for so many years and it is apparent he really has no intention of following through.  Trip is so talented though that Cliff has used sexual teasing as a way to keep him around and in line.  Trip is content to stay that way until he meets Silas.

Silas is a handsome and a player.  He has many, many exes because he is more prone to a backstage quickie than anything meaningful and lasting.  When he meets Trip he wants it to be different.  Silas feels like there could be something real with Trip and he tries to make some changes in his life to give them a chance.  Bad Idea is the story of Silas and Trip taking a chance on each other and falling in love.

I feel like I have a read a decent amount of m/m romance and the difference between a male m/m author and female m/m author seemed to really stand out to me in this one.  Men are just…more graphic when they write.  I cannot say why as I am not a man but take this sequence for example:

Silas leaned closer and murmured, “Are you embarrassed ’cause I’m groping you in public?”

“Nuh-no.” Not much.

“Well, I can stop, but listening to you groan and whimper has given me a huge, rude stonker and I forgot to wear briefs, so it could get indecent if I step away.”  He bumped the ridge against Trip’s backbone.

Trip wheezed in mortification.  “Silas!”

“So you, sir, are my human curtain for the next five minutes,” Silas muttered.  “Or I could sit down before I bust my nut in my jeans.”

There were times when I would laugh out loud at the graphic descriptions provided.  I think it was one of the reasons I really loved Hot Head and Bad Idea offered the same type of humor and over the top writing.

While Bad Idea had that same fun writing it also had a lot of extra stuff that pulled me from the story.  If I could have had Trip and Silas on the pages, I would have loved this book.  Together they are awesome, their sex is page scorching hot and they both display a vulnerability that made me root so hard for them.  But when it wasn’t Trip and Silas there was so much other stuff that was not interesting to me.  This would be what I would call a nerd romance at its finest.  There are many, many pages of comic book talk and special FX makeup jargon and what superhero is the best and why.  I think my eyes were crossed by the time I had the fourth reference to The Tick and a quote from the comic.  I get that Trip is a comic book artist and Silas is a movie makeup artist so this would be a major part of the book, but it didn’t stop at their jobs.  They brought it home.  Trip is creating a new comic, Silas is putting makeup on one of Trip’s friends, they are at comic conventions…by the end I just wanted Trip and Silas in a room with no outside interference.  That is where Bad Idea shined.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in this book.  I think maybe I am not the targeted audience so that could have been the problem.  I loved the romance but didn’t love what was happening when it wasn’t the romance.  I really enjoy Mr. Suede’s writing though and I will not hesitate to pick up his next book.  This one just wasn’t for me.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

He felt like he’d eaten a has brownie that was giving him a prostate massage.

Rating: C-
Bad Idea by Damon Suede
October 21st 2013 by Dreamspinner Press
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  1. Amy says

    I don’t think Suede will ever finish the sequel to Hot Heat. (Loved that book.) It’s been over two years. *sighs* This one would annoy me with more focus on the comic book/makeup jargon and less on the relationship so I’ll pass.

    • says

      I read a recent interview and it seems he is working on some other stuff. Stuff that doesn’t include the sequel to Hot Head. Too much pressure, I guess?

      • Amy says

        Sad to hear the sequel is still not a priority because Hot Head is the book that sold me on the m/m genre and it’s the book the majority of his fans are waiting for.

  2. Jen B. says

    I loved Hot Head too. Griff and Dante were such compelling characters. Maybe someday we readers will get book 2! I have been thinking about reading this but it hasn’t drawn me yet. Thanks for the review.