Review: Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden

Avenging Angel Cynthia Eden
This is the fourth book in the Fallen series. The prologue in it picks up right after Marna was attacked by the villain of the third book as the hero, Tanner, and his brother, Cody, attempt to save her. Although Marna’s journey begins with what happens in the third book I think it stands on its own pretty well. So if you want to jump right in with this one, have at it!

Marna is not exactly enjoying life as a fallen angel. She didn’t choose to fall, her wings were ripped off by a psycho, and now she’s stuck dealing with the loss of her previous life and a surplus of human emotions she didn’t ask for. She’s determined to have her revenge but her powers aren’t working correctly and she’s got a shifter on her tail that she can’t shake. Unfortunately for her, she’s suspected of murder and is hauled in by the very same shifter cop that’s she’s trying to avoid.

Tanner can’t seem to get over the angel his brother ruined. He’s followed her for months and is infuriated that she was so blatant in her revenge against his pack that she left witnesses. He’s forced to arrest her but soon realizes that things are not as they appear. She flat out says that she didn’t kill those men, despite them seeing her there, and since angels can’t lie he knows she’s telling the truth. Things get complicated for them quickly and he’s forced to hide her as they try to figure out what exactly is going on.

I really liked Marna and Tanner together. Tanner is completely upfront about how much he wants her and he never wavers from his determination to have her. Marna has a hard time dealing with all her new emotions but once she decides to embrace her feelings for Tanner (namely the lust ;)) things get very hot between them. Watching Marna fall for Tanner, despite her initial (and completely understandable) fear of shifters, made me smile. They both had a lot of pain to overcome—poor Tanner’s childhood was horrific—before they could completely embrace each other and I enjoyed every minute of their journey.

There were a few new things brought up that added to the world of the fallen. The villain in particular was an interesting development. I really liked how the author showed how easily perverted some inherited gifts could be. I don’t remember anything like what the villain was (trying to be vague here so I don’t blow it for anyone) being mentioned in previous books so it was a complete surprise for me. We also saw the fallen become targeted as their blood and the power it contains became a hot commodity.

I liked how things developed a little differently for Marna because of how she lost her wings. We’ve seen angels fall before in this series so I like how the author twisted things and made it unique. Of course certain parts of the story echoed things we’ve seen previously but it didn’t come off as stale or recycled. Marna and Tanner were both strong personalities and they made every aspect of this story, even the stuff we’ve seen happen to others before, their own.

We didn’t get to see as many past characters as we did in the previous books but we did get to see Sam. We also got more of a focus on Cody, who I am intrigued by, and Bastion, who looks to have an interesting future coming up. I would definitely read a Bastion story, but I’m still confused on what exactly his feelings toward Marna are. He’s always cared for her but I can’t tell if he’s just really into being her friend or if he likes her likes her. We also got introduced to a new vampire character who I liked a lot.

If you’re in the mood for a fun, sexy read then I recommend this one. Marna and Tanner had some verra nice chemistry together. 😉

Favorite Quote:

“That was me being fucking starving for you.”

Rating: A
Avenging Angel by Cynthia Eden
May 28th 2013 by Brava
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