Review: Avenge Me by Maisey Yates

Avenge Me by Maisey YatesAustin, Hunter and Alex meet once a year to raise a glass to their old friend Sarah.  Though they used to be good friends Sarah’s suicide changed everything and now they meet and then go back to their lives until the same time one year later.  This year Austin has decided it will be different.  He can no longer overlook his father’s part in Sarah’s death and though it will mean bringing down his family name he is determined to make his father pay.  He hasn’t been part of the family since that fateful night ten years ago but if it means getting back in the good graces of his father to make this right, then that is what he will do.  He has felt guilt for ignoring the warning signs and that last phone call from Sarah so he just can’t sit on it any longer.

While at a party to make nice with his father he sees a woman that he must have.  This is not something normal for him because he has spent years burying certain urges deep inside of him hoping they never force their way out for fear he will become the monster his father is.  But this woman brings it all to the surface.  Lucky for him she seems to be receptive to his wants and agrees to go to a hotel with him.

Katy Michaels has forced her way into Jason Treffen’s life.  By getting into the party planning business she has given herself access to his life and social setting.  She knows the man is responsible for her sister’s death and she will make him pay by any means.  She doesn’t count on meeting a sexy man at the party though.  She has spent her whole life taking care of herself, her little brother and getting revenge and she feels like she can take one night for herself.  He looks like the type of man who can give her what she needs and that is someone forceful and demanding.  She needs someone who can take control and take away all the worries she has carried for so many years.

Neither party exchanges names until after they have sex so it is a big shock when Austin finds out she is Sarah’s sister.  He feels like this is a sign and she needs to stay with him so he can make sure she is safe while they all go after his father.  He manages to get her fired from her job.  She is then kicked out of her apartment because she cannot pay rent leaving her with only one place to go, to Austin.  She agrees to stay with him and be his pretend girlfriend/mistress in order to bring down his father but when they are at home she will not be sleeping with him, no matter how good it was.

Though Austin and Katy have to work together, in my mind, they never really connected.  The sex was a BDSM light and something Austin really didn’t like to need.  He was all over the place when it came to making up his mind.  One minute he was good; the next he was freaking out about what he had done to her.  It was all 100% consensual but he would get to deep in his own head and say dumb things.  It was to the point where he crosses a line toward the end of the book and any sane woman would have kicked his butt to the curb.

I’m not sure how normal Katy was either.  She, at least, could admit she liked the domination but she had other serious issues.  Her whole life was focused on revenge and I don’t think there was anything left for other stuff.  She had no job prospects, no real friends, she was over protective with her little brother and Austin seemed to be her first real relationship.

“When you met me I was a twenty-six-year-old virgin with a vengeance complex.  Now I’m a twenty-six-year-old with a vengeance complex.  You tell me how well you think I’m living.”

The other thing that bothered me was when Austin approached his mother and sister with what his father had done.  This was his father’s wife and she took what Austin said with no proof and ran with it.  She said she had suspected something but her reaction was far too casual for me but into it.  I would have liked to see that part fleshed out a little more.

Overall, it was the romantic connection that I missed the most.  The characters are complex and deeply emotional.  Avenge Me deals with some heavy issues and handles them very well.  Ms. Yates’ writing is smooth and I enjoyed it.  I’m not sure this was the book for me however I will definitely pick up more of her work.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

“Have you had your head up your ass for the past what?  Thirty-five years?”


“Sorry, did I wound your ego?”

“I’m not going to run off and get BOTOX.  So don’t worry.”

Rating: C
Avenge Me by Maisey Yates
May 27th 2014 by Harlequin Presents
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  1. Jonetta (Ejaygirl) says

    I’m planning to read this soon. Good to hear it’s well written and thanks for the review.