Review: At Her Service By Cerise DeLand

At Her Service by Cerise DeLand
November 30, 2009 by Total-E-Bound
ISBN-13: 9781907280535
Genre: Erotica (Historical)

The one man Elise Dumond has always craved is the one man she should not have in her bed – or in her heart.

Elise Dumond has always done her duty to her aging husband. But when the lovely Countess learns her dying spouse has paid a bounty to her childhood friend to father a child with her, Elise trembles at the prospect of being possessed by the famous knight who is now a legendary lover.

Simon de la Poer is determined to claim Elise in all the imaginative ways he has yearned for these past ten years. As he teaches her the joys of exotic pleasure, she revels in their passion. Their rekindled love burns fast and bright, inciting their enemies to try to tear them apart with lies—and murder.

Elise Dumond is a Countess, dedicated to serving her husband Alphonse, the Earl of Atherton.  Although she has been completely faithful to her husband, she has always loved another.

Simon de la Poer, a Knight of King John’s court, is Elise’s childhood friend and her one true love.  Although she has yearned for him for years she has never confessed her feelings for him and does not realize that Simon desires her as well.

The Earl of Atherton’s health is ailing and he needs to sire an heir before he dies.  He concocts a scheme to pay Simon to impregnate his wife Elise and he will claim the child as his own.  The problem is, politics run deep and enemies will stop at nothing to gain power and position.  Because of the Earl’s plan, everyone’s lives may be in danger.

I’ll start off by saying I enjoyed this book a great deal.  I truly enjoyed the author’s writing style.  It is both smooth and descriptive and I felt like I was transported to England 1208.

This is erotic romance so a great deal of the book focuses on the sexual relationship between the hero and heroine.  As I said, the authors writing style is descriptive so the sex scenes are very erotic and even include some 13th century sex toys.

He took from his pouch two silver pincers, encrusted with tiny stones of aqua and pink, purple and topaz.

“They are lovely. But what are they?” She touched one with a fingertip.

“They are for your breasts. Your nipples.”

13th century nipple clamps, that’s hot! I especially loved this quote:

She rose up, her head flung back, her body given to the rapture of a hot and hard release.  And as she floated down into her linens, she knew new truths.

Who doesn’t want to know sexual truths?

One thing that didn’t quite work for me was the lack of romantic connection between Simon and Elise early on in the story.  Since they connected immediately on a sexual level, I felt like there could have been a bit more emotional and/or romantic tension and I just didn’t pick up on that.  Granted it was a very awkward situation with Simone having been paid to impregnate Elise, but I expected more romance since the sexual heat was definitely there. The romantic relationship did eventually evolve though.

If you enjoy an authentic historical, filled with highly erotic sex, and romantic suspense, then I think you’ll really enjoy At Her Service.  This is the first book in the Swords Of Passion series and I’m looking forward to reading more from Cerise DeLand both in this series and her other titles.

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  1. says

    I'm kinda of cringing at what 13th century nipple clamps would feel like. No joke, I think i spent 5 minutes drooling over this cover. {Move a little to the left Mr. Nice Thighs}

  2. says

    OMG! 13th century nipple clamps? lol! That's awesome. Makes you wonder too. 😉

    This cover is gorgeous and I really like the plot.

    Thanks for the great review and recommendation!

    😉 VFG

  3. says

    This sounds very interesting. Might be a good choice for the Erotica Challenge… *scribles down title*. Thanks for the wonderful review!!

  4. says

    Quote KC: "He does something with Pearls?!!!! {KC clicks BUY}"

    For a minute there I thought you said he did something with me…ROFL

    Nice review FV! Will keep it in mind for the Erotica Reading Challenge! (and just ignore the fact that I have tons of erotica -EC and Samhain) in the folders on the computer already…)

  5. says

    WOW! I just found this! How come, no clue. THANKS for the wonderful words, and the excerpts. These medieval heroes really rock my world. Clearly.
    Another one comes…ahem…soon. BY HER COMMAND is #3 in the series. FOR HER HONOUR is out and is #2.
    And thank you again for a lovely review.