Review: Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

Anything He Wants by Sara FawkesAnything He Wants were first published in a five-part serial romance.  Having just read Because You are Mine a serial romance not yet combined, I was interested to see how the concept would work with all the parts combined.  In theory it should just read like a typical romance but I still wanted to find out how well it read.

Anything He Wants follows the very common, recent theme of the handsome, enigmatic billionaire taking interesting in the everyday woman.  Lucy Delacourt holds a temp position for Hamilton Industries.  It was never what she intended to do with her life.  Her first plan was attending Cornell and becoming a lawyer but when her parents died in her junior year she had to change her plans.  She quickly realized how much her parents had sacrificed for her Ivy league education and that she would not be able to afford it any longer.

Each day she arrives at work at the same time so she can ride the elevator with the gorgeous man meat she can’t resist drooling over.  One fateful day circumstances work out to where just the two of them are left on the elevator.  Gorgeous man meat, Jeremiah Hamilton, stops the elevator and seduces Lucy.  The scene was pretty erotic and graphic.  Jeremiah tells Lucy that she is hot and each time they come close to each other he can smell her desire.  Ok, for the most part that phrase works for me but now and then the thought crosses my mind that is someone said that to me my first reaction would be to run to the shower.  Anyway, here it works and they have their moment.

Lucy is appalled but what she did in the elevator and it is all she thinks about that day.  As she is leaving work she is grabbed and pulled into an alcove by the same man.  They have another very sexual encounter.  This one I did have an issue with because they have sex this time and it is completely unprotected.  He does not finish in her but things like that still make me shake my head.

The next day Lucy is called up to the top floor to find out that the man she has been messing around with is the CEO of the company.  He has signed a recent edict to do away with a temp positions so she is about to lose her job.  He offers her the position of his personal assistant as long as she will do whatever he wants.  Anything he wants.  Trapped by her circumstances Lucy agrees to the offer and off to Paris they go.  Paris will be the first place she is tested.

The rest of the story as far as their relationship is pretty predictable.  It follows the normal pattern of playboy and inexperienced girl.  However, what was a pleasant surprise was the plot that started to develop.  Jeremiah has a brother who should have been the rightful heir to the company and fortune but their vindictive father forced it on Jeremiah.  While the brothers still love each there are strong feelings of animosity left from the way they have been raised.

While in Paris there is an attempted murder on Jeremiah and Lucy is the only person to witness who did it.  Jeremiah will do anything he can to protect her while they find out who is behind the attempt.  Jeremiah and Lucy become more than just assistant and boss and Lucy makes the ultimate mistake of using the “l” word.

Here is where it got more interesting and frustrating.  Lucy leaves the house with the driver Jeremiah has provided only to find out the driver has been replaced by Jeremiah’s brother.  Lucas knows what happened between them and offers Lucy to go away with him and make Jeremiah work at winning her back something he has never had to do before.

And then the book ends!  What??  This is supposed to the real end.  There is no mention of the next book.  No sixth part to the serial coming out.  So I have no clue what happens or who does what.  And I have no clue when I will ever find that out.  This cliffhanger was pretty interesting yet I am frustrated too!

So this was a good book.  If you like this type of theme, I think you will enjoy this one too.   All my billionaires are starting to run together though.  I might have to set up a chart at some point soon.  Such is my rough life!  As a compete novel, I could see where the serials would break but it flowed together well so had I not known about the multiple parts I never would have been able to.  That means it works!  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

Lucas reached inside, offering me his hand.  The look on his face was mischievous but I saw pity and a familiar longing in his eyes.

“Let’s make him chase us, shall we?”

Rating: B-
Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes
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  1. Mandi says

    Hrm!!! I can’t decide if I want to read this or not. And the whole – the book ends and what?! makes me wary!

    But I’m still intrigued!

  2. Ren says

    I got the galley for this but the file is error. Still waiting for netgalley to fix it :(.

    The one and only billionaire for me is Roarke :p