Review: Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden

Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden Azrael is a fallen Angel of Death.  His book, Angel in Chains, is the third book in Ms. Eden’s The Fallen series.  This book can be read as a stand-alone although I think it would have been helpful to have some more background information.  I got the impression that Azrael might have been a bad guy in a previous book but here he just kind of was.  He was brooding and angsty and didn’t get along with pretty much everyone but not necessarily evil.

He comes across Jade in an alley surrounded by a group of panther shifters.  Instead of taking a life like he normally does, he decides to save hers.  He doesn’t really know why he made the choice but he goes with it.  Since falling he has been overwhelmed by human emotions and weakness and he has been looking for a way to go back.  He thinks that maybe if he sacrifices for someone else he will be allowed to go back to Heaven.  Where he is is just not the place for him, there is too much everything.

Jade has lived on the run for years.  She cannot get close to anyone because local pack alpha, Brandt, wants Jade as his mate and will stop at nothing to get her.  He is ugly and will kill anything and everyone that gets close to Jade even killing her last lover right in front of her.  Jade is determined to not get close to anyone else so she won’t have another death on her conscience.  However, she cannot seem to shake Azrael.  He will not leave her alone and continues to follow her to try and protect her.

Jade and Azrael strike a deal with a witch and another shifter in order to get close to Brandt to kill him.  All Azrael needs to do is touch someone and they will die.  Unfortunately plans do not work out and Brandt isn’t the one left for dead, Jade is.  Azrael refuses to let an Angel of Death have Jade chosing to instead give her his blood to save her.  Azrael’s blood is powerful and changes Jade in ways nobody expected.

With her new changes Jade and Azrael must still work together to find a way to kill Brandt even though they now know that Azrael is not as powerful around him.  They must also run to avoid the Angel of Death that was cheated from taking Jade when it was her turn to die.  Nobody can avoid death yet Azrael refuses to give Jade up to his former forces.

Angel in Chains had some slow parts and some really good parts.  The book started to drag for me around the middle.  There was a lot of running, hiding, “I don’t want to hurt you”, “I must have you” going on to where I just wanted something real to happen.  Az is very moody and possessive yet I didn’t feel connected to him.  I did feel that connection with Jade as she seemed more open and emotional than Az.  From the comments I learned that there must be a prophecy to where if Az kills his brother Sam all hell will break loose.  I wasn’t sure why though and how much that prophecy is supposed to effect the overall story arc versus just what was going on with this book.

Around 70% or so the book really picked up.  There were some tense moments when we learned Az has the power to destroy the world and that he just might do it the very next day.  Ms. Eden creates a clever twist in the ending that really surprised me.  It was very well done and made up for the previous slow parts that I didn’t care for.

The end didn’t feel like the end as things are not 100% wrapped up.  There are some questions and some things left up in the air.  It still seems like everyone and everything is on shaky ground and it will take more books for us to learn how things will settle.  I said above the book can be a stand-alone but I am going to go back and read the first two books just to get myself caught up.  Their stories sounded interesting and I think it would add more to this one if I was complete with the series.  Final grade B-

 Favorite Quotes:

“We can get a bit…rough.”  Sam continued as he shrugged his shoulders.  “You’d better start off with a shifter, or maybe a vamp.  Someone who can handle our excess power.  Once you get more control, then you can work up to bedding a human.”

Az ground his back together.  “I don’t want another.”  That was part of the problem.  Other women had come to tempt him, trying to sway him, but his body had never burned with hunger as it did for Jade.

One kiss-and he craved her.


Rating: B-
Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden
November 27th 2012 by Brava
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