Review: A Soul So Wicked by Sharie Kohler

A Soul So Wicked by Sharie KohlerA Soul So Wicked
, the sixth book in the Moonchasers series by Sharie Kohler, finally tells the story of Tresa the demon witch who is responsible for the curse all lycans face. For the past six books we have followed the lycans and their quest to find a way to get back their humanity. I say finally because they have chased after this demon possessed witch for five books and it was about time that someone eventually caught up with her. About time that we got her side of the story.

This book begins with Tresa being brutalized two thousand years ago by her overlord, Lord Marshan. She has been beaten, her husband and grandmother lay dying  and now she is being branded as a witch and her house is being set on fire. One of the ways that witches are tested is by drowning, so as the water is working its way into her lungs and she is slowly slipping away she makes a deal with the demon Balthazar for revenge against Lord Marshan. The revenge comes in the form of turning Marshan into a blood hungry, mad beast that is a slave to the phases of the moon. He is the first lycan. His curse leads to the beginning of all the lycans. Ever since then she has been trying to get away from Balthazar, who takes over her body and forces her to do terrible things while at the same time hiding from all the beasts hunting her.

Darius is convinced that if he finds the witch who started it all he can figure out a way to be a normal man again. He tracks her to a small town in Alaska and proceeds to follow her back to her house. Tresa has been blessedly left alone by her demon for the last year, but lately she has been having dreams of another witch committing heinous murders and is convinced that this witch is also demon possessed. When Darius catches up with her she is packing her bags, on her way stop any more killings from happening. These two are natural enemies, both of whom have been alone for a long time, but must work together and find a way to stop a murderer.

I’ve always enjoyed reading a Sharie Kohler book. She doesn’t inspire the slavish devotion I have for other paranormal series, but I do enjoy her voice and find her books to be fast reads. Tresa has been the enemy throughout this series, but she turned out to be a sympathetic character who made a mistake out of desperation and now regrets her actions everyday. I liked that Ms. Kohler didn’t take the easy way out and make her the clichéd bad guy. She is not evil, has never been evil, and knows the horrible chain of events she has set into motion because of a need for vengeance. When she meets Darius he is bound and determined to trap her until he can find away to either kill her or kill her demon. Or both. While they are together he learns more about her and her past and they fall into a relationship. The relationship deepens as they try to unravel a mystery and fight to redeem themselves. Even though I liked both of these characters, I’m still not sure if I found their falling in love to be believable. Other than being lonely I have no idea why they were so hung up on each other. Darius has been hunting this woman for years and yet he doesn’t put up much of a fight against his feelings once he starts to fall for Tresa. After a feeble resistance he finally falls upon her, rips of their clothes and gives it up. Maybe it was the sexy times that had them falling in love.

The mystery and the search to find out the identity of the witch killing college kids turned out to be pretty good. I was surprised when the villian was unmasked. This is the end of the story arc, and the way it concludes leads me to believe this will be the end to the series as well. I do think any one of the books in this series can be read as stand-alones. Yes, there is an ongoing story arc, but each book has been enjoyable and each one different from the others. These are easy reads, with likable characters, nice sexy scenes and  just enough suspense and action to keep the reader engaged. Final Grade: B-


Favorite Quote:

He kissed her like he was starved for her. Like this was his last kiss on the last day of his life. She touched his cheeks, caressing his face, assuring herself that this moment was real and not some dream.

Rating: B-
A Soul So Wicked by Sharie Kohler
December 18th 2012 by Pocket Books
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