Review: A Scarlet Past by Evanne Lorraine

A Scarlet PastA Scarlet Past by Evanne Lorraine
Published November 19th 2010 by Amazon Digital Services
Paranormal Romance
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A Scarlet Past is a paranormal romance set in the United States during World War II.  Fergus is a wolf shifter who seeks to obtain the necessary paperwork that will allow him to travel to Europe to fight in the war raging there.  His contact is the Alpha of a local werewolf pack.  What he doesn’t realize is he is actually meeting with Vivian, the alpha bitch of the pack.

Vivian has been left to defend the pack females while the all the pack males have gone overseas to fight.  They are under constant threat of attack by rogue werewolves that roam area.  Vivian fights and kills these rogues on a regular basis and when Fergus comes upon her during a fight he is immediately taken with her and wonders why her pack males would allow her to be in such a dangerous situation.  The attraction between the two is of course immediate but there is a fair amount of fighting it since they are both Alphas.  Vivian wonders if she has finally found an Alpha male strong enough to truly dominate her.

I want to mention the cover of this book.  This story is a paranormal romance set during World War II and at a glance, I just don’t see where a potential reader would get that.  In looking at the cover without having read the blurb, I would expect a futurist or sci-fi story.  It really bothers me when a cover significantly misrepresents a story and I think that is the case here.  I’ve seen many slightly inaccurate covers, it happens quite often but I think this one is way off the mark and it doesn’t indicate that the book is a paranormal set during World War II.

This brings me to my second problem with A Scarlet Past.  When I read the blurb of this book and realized it was set during World War II I was intrigued because most of the historical romances I read tend to be Regency set.  I looked forward to reading a story set in the not so distant past, here in the United States.  Unfortunately there were only a few references to the war here and there but other than that the story really lacked any descriptive setting.  There is a scene that takes place in an air-conditioned hotel and I because of the lack of setting I found myself picturing a contemporary hotel.

I had a couple of other issues that left me scratching my head.  For instance, I found it odd that an entire pack of females would be left alone to with only an alpha female to defend them.  I realize authors try to put their own unique spin on their paranormal worlds, however leaving an entire pack of females with no real protection seems too far beyond the Alpha male nature.  Even just based on Fergus’ behavior, the alpha werewolf in this story, I found it too unlikely to be believable.

When Fergus and Vivian first meet, Vivian is in the middle of a fight with a pack of rogue wolves.  She demonstrates her resourcefulness and ability to defend herself, but other than that, I didn’t understand the purpose of the rogues in the story.  It was never explained where they came from or who they were.  Since it was mentioned that they were unable to shift I assumed they were actually shifters by nature but I really wanted to know that why’s and what’s of it.

The love scenes are plentiful, and very steamy and erotic, especially if you are into D/s relationships.   However since I had problems with the story, I never really connected with the hero and heroine and therefore the erotic aspect did not work for me.  I need to feel a good strong emotional connection between the hero and heroine when reading an erotic romance and I was just too distracted with the problems I came across to focus on the developing relationship.

Unfortunately, A Scarlet Past was a miss for me.

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    At first glance thats what I would have taken it for and probably would have not even gave it another glance. Now after your review I know I will pass on it. Sorry it was a miss for you.

  2. says

    I read your explanation of this book being a paranormal historical and my eyes flew back to the cover picture. That is definitely not what the cover suggests. I really hate when the covers are so grossly inaccurate.