Review: A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James

A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria JamesA Risk Worth Taking opens with Holly receiving the offer she has worked her whole life for.  She is an interior decorator and she is being offered a senior position with a very large firm.  Just as she is about to accept her phone rings and she is informed that her sister and BIL have been killed in a car accident.  Holly’s life is dramatically changed as she is now the sole caregiver to her six month old niece.  Before the accident, Holly had agreed to help renovate their childhood home for her sister.  Now she must return home with the baby and complete the house all by herself.

Being in the house with just her niece brings back all kinds of memories and it also brings back Quinn Manning.  Quinn is the man who will oversee the renovations and the object of her childhood crush.  Quinn crushed her when she offered herself to him and he turned her down and told her to go live some.  A year later he was married to someone else and Holly was devastated.  Now Quinn is divorced and they have to spend a lot of time together to fix up the old house.  When Quinn learns that Holly is only fixing up the house to sell it he is very upset and doesn’t understand her decision.  Will Quinn be able to keep Holly from selling and maybe this time convince her he wants her to stay?

A Risk Worth Taking is about 170 pages so it is novella length.  It reads fast and is mainly about Quinn and Holly.  I wasn’t 100% invested in their relationship though.  It seemed like that as soon as Holly came back Quinn made some interesting assumptions on their relationship.  He was pretty upset when she says she is going to sell the house.  Considering he is the one that all but tossed her aside the first time I didn’t see why she had to give him another chance or why he thought he deserved one.

When Holly made her final choice, I wasn’t sure why she had made it.  Some things happen and I felt her choice was made because she was out of options not because it was what she really wanted.  Maybe that wasn’t the case but that was how it came across.

Overall, it was an ok book.  I would have liked more interaction between the brothers because they were pretty funny together.  I really enjoyed their banter and they way they poked at each other.  I think Quinn’s brother will be up for the next story.  Final grade- C+

Favorite Quote:

“His hands weren’t your hands, and, God, I just wanted your hands on me, Quinn.”

Rating: C+
A Risk Worth Taking by Victoria James
March 11th 2013 by Entangled
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