Release Day Giveaway: Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling, #12) Rate this book 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars Heart of Obsidian (Psy-Changeling #12) by Nalini Singh

It’s finally here!! Who’s excited? For those of you who didn’t or couldn’t pre-order your copy, or if you ordered the ebook and you want the hardcover for your shelf, I have a copy to give away!!

You have until Friday to enter, once I announce the winner and get their details I’ll send the book out priority mail.

Open to US mailing addresses only this time.

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!!

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  1. Krysten M says

    I like all the different pairs. And the interactions between Lucas and Hawke, snowdancer and darkriver.. And all the hot guys 😉 There’s just so much to like about this series!

  2. Amy R says

    I have not read this series yet. I just started reading Nalini Singh and stared with Guild Hunter series.

  3. Glittergirl says

    I haven’t read the series yet…but have all the books in my bedroom to read =)
    I was drawn to this series first because EVERYONE raves about Nalini’s books and second I love paranormal.

  4. Tiffany D says

    I love that the series has a bit of everything. There’s action, love, suspense and there’s something about the animal instincts that make for a great read. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Denise Van Plew says

    Read all her books love the series and it is like a favorite show just waiting on the next episode.

  6. says

    My favorite thing about the Psy/Changeling books?

    I love the world Nalini has created, and I love the most the care she takes with the continuity. Every time a new book comes out I re-read the entire series (yes, I’m one of those) and trust me when I tell you that by now I would have noticed and filed away any and all contradictions or incongruities. Instead, the re-reads have allowed me see the very, very subtle foreshadowing of things revealed in later books (for example, the Dark Mind is foreshadowed near the end of Slave to Sensation), things that inform the direction of the overall story arc.

    I also love her characterization–there are no sudden, inexplicable about faces in how a character feels, thinks or behaves. Even apparently radical changes make sense within that character’s development through the series–and in their own book.

  7. says

    Love the Psy/Changelings. My favorite thing about them (Hawke) Ms Singh has built an incredible world and peopled it with a variety of fascinating characters (Hawke) and led us on a mysterious chase for a Ghost and led us to the brink of a civil war and then there is Hawke.

  8. erinf1 says

    That I’ve finally got a chance to get started catching up!!! LOL… thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. kp says

    I love the world Nalini has created with this series…it just keeps getting better!

  10. Victoria Zumbrum says

    I havent read the series yet but I would like to. It sounds really good.

  11. Trish says

    The worldbuilding in this series is superb. For me, the romance is almost secondary to my desire to find out what happens next in this universe.

  12. Lori Meehan says

    I’m sad to say I’ve not read this series. This book sounds really good so I see I’ve got some catching up to do.

  13. Amanda says

    Its not just one thing. Like others have said the world building is incredible but I really love how Singh has been able to give great romance and further the over all story. So often in paranormal romances series the main couples seem to get cheated as the series gets longer. Several times I have looked forward to certain couples story being told but when it finally happens their romance is more like a footnote in the book. That does not happen with Nalini Singh

  14. Judi L says

    I love this series and seeing all the tweets about this book and how good it is makes me wish I had a copy now to read.

  15. Jamie says

    Oh wow!!!! I can’t tell you how bad I want to own this book! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  16. SHELLEY S says


  17. Monica Z says

    There is SO much to love about this series, from the alpha males to the kick ass heroines to the interwoven depth of the stories lines from book to book. Plus, the couples dynamics are off the charts. By far the best series out there! love it!

  18. Sarah says

    I’ve only recently started reading the series, but I’m so impressed with Singh’s world-building. I’m generally not a PNR fan because I find it too inaccessible, but Singh makes it work for me. She’s also so skilled at creating very real characters. I’m excited for HOO and am desperately trying to avoid spoilers!

  19. LSUReader says

    I love Nalini Singh’s gift for writing characters I care about and for creative world-building. Her books are special.

  20. Michelle the Romance Witch says

    my favorite thing about this series is the way she makes it so easy to believe that love conquers all differences between people no matter what the issue. Seeing these guys beat the challenges to come together is too cool. thanks for the cool giveaway i’m dying ot read this but cant afford to buy it now. :(

  21. Jess1 says

    I haven’t read any of this author’s books and would be interested in doing so. Thanks for the contest!

  22. CrystalGB says

    My favorite things are the strong alpha heroes and the great relationships between the members of the packs.

  23. Texas Book Lover says

    There is no way to pick just one thing I love about these books. The writing is superb, the world she has created is beyond my wildest imagining and the characters are those you want life long relationships with just to name a few!

  24. Kare says

    So many, many things. I love the world-building and the long-term story arc (which is integrated seamlessly with the featured couple in each book). The distinct relationships between each couple, the secondary characters, etc… As I said, many things!