Random Friday: Twitter, Vlad, Shadowfever, And Llama Love From Friends

Happy Friday!! Last week  we lost power for about 12 hours and so my blog mates Samantha and Amy took over Random Friday duties. I have no such excuse this week so I’m back and RF is mine again….muhahahaha.

So did everyone have a great week? I did. It was our first full week back at school for the kiddos and we have our routine down. In a few months I’ll be whining about school routines and I’ll be ready for summer. I can’t help it, it’s what I do.


Speaking of routines, you all know I love Twitter. It’s part of my daily routine. Up at 5:45 am, slurping coffee and tweeting. Best way to start the day. I thought I’d share a couple of twitterish things with you today.

Best tweet of the week comes from Jeaniene Frost:

“Fueled up with sugar, I will now start writing a sex scene. Show me what you’ve got, Vlad! ;-)”

Yes Vlad, show us what you’ve got. *waggles eyebrows* Can’t wait!

Also, if you like books and giveaways follow Joan Swan @romancegiveaway. She’s tweeting and RT’ing all the great giveaways in romance blogging land. She follows back and will RT your giveaways as well.


I got some exciting news recently. I got a quote in the MMPB version of Shadowfever. I am such a super fan of the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning so this thrills me to no end. I might have had a very small fangirl melt down when I found this out. I haven’t ordered my copy yet but you can bet I will and that sucker will get a special place on my bookshelf. I heard Mandi at Smexy Books has a quote too. :)

Shadowfever FV Quote

Thanks to Bells from Hanging With Bells for the heads up and for the pic.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think that when I shared my story about the llama that got a little dirty with me at a travelling petting zoo I would become known as The Llama Lover. But here I am, blogging about llamas every week. I’m ok with it. People have started sending me funny llama pics as well.  Here are a couple that came my way this week:

This one came to me from Fiction Vixen reader Sarah. She found it on Bing’s homepage. I thought it was cool because this almost looks like a photoshop job. They all look the same. But if you look close, they are all different. Thanks Sarah! xoxo

My friend Nat AKA Wicked Lil Pixie sent me this. I have to admit it, this is cute. I like it. I resist though. I’m trying hard not to become Llama Lady (similar to Cat Lady except maybe a little scarier). I feel myself slipping away.

You’d think Nat could just leave it at cute Llama necklace but no. Not Nat. She had to freak me the hell out with Llama Dragon. Thanks for the nightmares Nat. I owe one. Or five.

Apparently I talk about the Peen often enough for people to notice a trend. People are now starting to send me pecker pics. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like it. It’s funny dammit! Susan sent me this one. Although I’ve seen this pic before it’s worth posting. Whoever designed that bridge if a freaking genius! Genius I tell you.  Thank you Susan for making me LOL.

That’s it for me this week!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo



    • says

      Now I’m wondering if I should buy the series in paperback too. *sigh*

      I’m trying NOT to buy the llama necklace. I don’t want to be come Llama Llady!! :)

  1. Ren says

    When you will have Twitter account, Catherine? I want to meet you there 😀

    If I can say to Frost, please make Vlad bring the sexy back, or make another hot sex scene, like chapter 32 😛

  2. says

    Wow, LOVE that last photo – LMAO!!

    And yayayayay! Vlad is getting his own story! (Maybe everyone already knew that; I’ve been way behind on Night Huntress news).

  3. says

    Congrats on the book quote! That is so cool. My dream some day…. Guess I should learn how to write better reviews first!

    and I totally LOVE Joan Swan! She rocks!!