Random Friday: Tie Chee Later, Stretchy Man Panties, Giveaways And More

Happy Friday everyone! How was your week? Mine was fabulous. We spent a lot of time at the pool and plan to continue the trend throughout the weekend. It’s been great pool weather mostly. Warm but not so hot that I can’t lounge by the pool and read while the kiddos turn into prunes. :)

I have revived my love of favorite treat. Chai Tea Latte. mmmm. I love these things like cupcakes! I get all giddy if I get to buy one at Starbucks and my order usually ends up coming out like, “Tie Chee Later”, to which the Starbucks barista says, “Huh?”. Whatever coffee girl, get me my tea!

But I’m old and kind of a cheapo because I think Starbucks is hideously over priced even if their Tie Chee Laters make me want to make organic mouse. So I usually just buy my Tazo Chai tea at the grocery store and work my inner barista at home. Either way, it’s good stuff and I’m convinced I am better at all things in life now that I’ve begun drinking my TCL’s again.


Random Friday takes a really long time to do. I’m not complaining though. I just realized that it really does take a long time. So long I have to resort to using multiple acronyms. I run across things I bookmark and save for RF throughout the week and then I usually sit down with my laptop and my TCL on Thursday night and write my RF post. But I’ve got to tell it you it takes me a long time to get a post together sometimes. Oh, if I would just stick to the intended material I’d be fine but I get distracted. I start clicking links, surfing around, and I usually end up getting to bed really late. I need someone to stand-by and zap me when I get that glazed over look in my eyes and shock me back into RF mode. Not really. That would just piss me off and you’d get a really pissy RF post. I’m a mean pissy.


Catherine shared this with me this week:

I know a lot of Romance readers enjoy the classics like Austen and Bronte, so I thought I would pass this on in case you wanted to check it out. I saw on Two Nerdy History Girls that there’s a graphic novel for Wuthering Heights.  The comic is one of the Classical Comics.  I thought it was an interesting idea.


Ilona Andrews shared some interesting news this week. I’m a little disappointed but I’ll be ok, don’t worry. No really, I’ll be fine I swear. :)

She says:

  • There will not be a Kate 6 until Feb. 2013
  • Fate’s Edge is on schedule for a Nov 2011 release
  • Andrea’s book is next – May/June 2012
  • They will be working on extra content via eBooks
  • There will be a Jim and Dali book, probably after Kate 6.

So boo – we have to wait a long time for the next Kate book but YAY we get an Andrea book. I’m an Andrea fan. I mean she is the owner of the hand that bitch-slapped Aunt B and all. <3

Here is what Ilona Andrews says about Andrea’s book:

[…] this book is set in Atlanta, and takes place between Magic Slays and Kate 6 timeline wise.  Kate & Curran will be in it, but are side characters.  It is Andrea’s story, the one where she decides if she will be in the Pack and perhaps more importantly who she will be with romantically.  As I said, we have it figured out and we are going with a new villain and mythology.


This week at Fiction Vixen

Open Giveaways

Two copies of Turn It Up by Inez Kelley
Ends August 5 – Hurry ends today!!

Ten copies of Crossroads
Ends  August 6 – For the Crossroads chat here at FV on the 8/17

One copy of Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep
Ends August 9


What I’m reading

I’m currently reading Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever by Molly Harper. L.O.L. This book makes L.O.L.

There is an Excerpt from Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors (which will be released on March 2012) on Molly Harper’s blog. I haven’t read it yet, I want to wait until I’m done with NGDLF. But you don’t have to wait for me, go on over, enjoy. I’ll be along in while. *said in my best southern Jane Jameson accent* 

I’m also reading Wild and Steamy by Meljean Brook, Jill Myles and Carolyn Crane. So far so good, I’m enjoying it. Right now I’m in the “steam” section and enjoying Meljean Brook’s contribution “The Blushing Bounder”.


In the tradition of Hot Pants Homo, I give you Man Mate In Brief or as I like to call it, Man Panties With A Stretch Hole:

This Underwear Has a Stretch Hole

This is so full of win. “dime size opening that S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S open wide”. While you think about that for a minute I’ll be ordering up a large, nude. Oh wait, that’s the man panties isn’t it? Dammit.

Side note: When I Googled “Hot Pants Homo” tonight, my HPH Random Friday Post was the seventh result. WIN. If it ever makes number one, I’m going to celebrate with a TCL and my very own copy of HPH. Confused yet? You haven’t been paying attention.

That’s it for me folks! Have a great weekend, stay safe and sane or whatever you can manage!



  1. says

    “Whatever coffee girl, get me my tea!”
    ahahahahaha you tell them FV!

    The stretchy man panties just made me giggle so loud. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. says

    Baaaaaaaaaa!!! Just call him “Stretch Armstrong Crotchman”! I can’t stop laughing at the add! A stretch hole! That is classic!

  3. says

    The man-panties aren’t gay. They’re just creepy.

    But why I’m really here is the Chai Tea Lattes: What you need is a Keurig pod coffee maker and the Green Mountain Coffee Chai Latte pods. The chai comes out with the milk already in, in like, 30 seconds. And it’s oh my, so-o-o-o good. Seriously, it’s magic, and you’ll pay for the Keurig in under 3 mos tops by skipping Starbucks.

  4. says

    I totally *heart* those man panties!! They are all kinds of awesome. You just know some dudes bought them and let the dangley bits hang out that hole all the time. ….though if the fabric was elastic, wouldn’t it be tight around the bits? Oh! Maybe that was the point. Maybe they’re supposed to be like a panties/dangley-bits-ring combo. ‘Cause practically speaking, it’d be quicker to drop panties than to pull the bits out that dime-sized hole if a guy had to take a leak. And yes, I’ve clearly fallen way into the previe end of the pool.

  5. says

    Another Iced Chai addict… So, I go to our local place and a medium iced chai (w/skim) is $4.07. I was getting almost one a day. SO, I went to the organic aisle in our grocery store and they sell the concentrate (in liquid form – better than the powder) of both Oregon Chai (my favorite) and Tazo (more expensive). For under $4.00 I can make 4-5 iced chai’s at home, and they are just as good. I even kept one of the cups from the coffee place and wash it out so I have a nice big cup to make them in. It’s great!!

    I purchased WILD AND STEAMY and will be reading on the airplane ride to Philly this week!