Random Friday: Sex From Barrons’ POV (Audio), Bread Coma, Middle School Hussy

Happy Friday!!

FV's new bread maker

Random Friday is a little brief this week. I blame my new bread maker. Isn’t she pretty?

Delicious bread  Delicious sliced bread

I’m not much of a break eater, it makes me really sleepy. While I love sleep, I’m not a fan of bread induced coma. But my hubby and kids love it (the bread, not the coma), and I like gadgets so I got one. This is my inaugural loaf. I know, it’s huge. The bread maker and I need to get to know one another. I also made a loaf that came out totally flat. It’s ok, it was still delicious. But anyway, I’ve eaten more bread that I usually do and…what was my point again? Moving on.


Sex From Barrons’ Point of View AUDIO

The Alpha Alternative

via: Karen Marie Moning’s website

Do you all remember the Barrons POV sex scene that Karen Marie Moning posted on her website a while back? If you read it, you remember it. :) It’s been recorded by Fever Series narrators, Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross and KMM is selling it for $1.99 on her website. Here is what she says:

The Alpha Alternative download includes a scorching hot 30-minute audio recording of the sex scene I wrote from Jericho Barrons’ point of view, plus a PDF download of the text for your eReaders and computers.

I’m not gonna lie, the narrators are not my favorite. I’m also not gonna lie and say I’m going to take a pass on this one. I can’t help it, I’m buying it. What? It’s Barrons!



My latest twitter follow: David Voth @SexCigarsBooze

Because he tweets stuff like this, and there’s plenty more to laugh at in his Twitter stream. Disclaimer: This is not my Twitter account and I have no control over what this person tweets. Do not hunt me down and burn me at the stake if @SexCigarsBooze tweets something you don’t like. I dislike being burned at the stake. It sucks. And hurts. And there is much smoke and I don’t smoke.



If you’ve been reading Fiction Vixen since forevah, you might remember a couple of years ago when I invited a few friends to share their real life love stories during the month of February in celebration of Valentines day. There is one post from that series that just keeps on giving. It’s a very sweet story and to this day, it’s one of the most viewed posts at Fiction Vixen. According to my blog stats, people are directed to this post by using search terms such as:

  • “middle school hussy”
  • “middle school love”
  • “hussy boyfriend stealer”
  • “middle school love story”
  • “hussy”
  • “puppy love”
  • “hussy, hussy, hussy”
  • “puppies in middle school who are hussies and steal boyfriends”. (I totally made that one up)

You get the picture.

And speaking of picture…

The hero and heroine of the love story that will live on in Google’s index for all time: Mandi from Smexy Books and her hubby. :)


Ok, that’s it for this week folks. I’ve got bread to make! And a nap to take. Have a great weekend!



  1. says

    Love Mandi’s story. It just melts my heart.

    What did I tell you about mentioning that bread?? You just had to go an write a whole post on it?

  2. Mandi says

    Omg. Remind me to never send you embarrassing pics again! (That pic is 20 years old this April. Omg)

    I’m glad I bring all the hussy seekers to your blog. LOLOLOLOL!!

    Also…u slice bread so much better than I do!

    • says

      Yeah, my blog would be hussy free if not for you. *cough*

      And sorry for posting that pic again, I really am. (I’m not)

      I am a bread artist, didn’t I tell you?

  3. says

    Ofcourse I had to go and look up Mandies story! Lovely. But ladies, you can find your love at 40 as well ;) Don’t give up hope if that is what you want.

    A breadmaker was a big hype here in Holland a few years ago, but it never tempted me, and never will. I do wish you fun with it.

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