Random Friday: Resolutions

Happy New Year From Fiction Vixen

Happy new year and happy first Random Friday of 2012!! How was your first week in the new year? Did you make resolutions? Did you break them yet? You can tell us, we don’t judge…much. :)

The girls and I made a few resolutions for 2012 and we’re holding strong. Well, I am at least. *cough* The other ladies have all gone suspiciously quiet.  Here are our resolutions for 2012:

Catherine: My New Year’s resolution is to make a significant dent in my Own-but-haven’t-read books.  I have so many that it’s ridiculous. I’ve found that when I have so many books at my fingertips that I have a hard time mustering enthusiasm for any of them.  It’s completely ridiculous.  Books that I really, really wanted to read become “meh” books when I’m faced with the indecision of so many books available.  Once I whittle this pile down I don’t plan to do this to myself again.  20 at a time, max!


Amy: I second that resolution, Catherine!  Mine is atrocious!  One of my resolutions is to restrain from picking review books and general reading books by their beautiful covers.  I’m a sucker for a hot, gorgeous cover and it came back to bite me a few times this year!


Juliana:  Here are a few of my resolutions for 2012:
– shortening my reviews (no scoffing please! I will get there one day)

– I’ll join in on Catherine’s and Amy’s resolutions because mine is horrendous as well
– read more non-romance books
– stop reading a book if I’m not enjoying it at all and do not give a ____ about what happens to the main characters (or am entertaining homicidal fantasies about them so they stop talking)
– request books at the same speed that I read them; applies to both FVBR and NetGalley


Jen: In 2011 my goal was to read 225 books.  I managed 234.  That is quite impressive, even if my penny-pinching husband doesn’t think so.  Since 2012 will bring kidlet #3 to the household I just don’t see 234 happening again.  So I think my goal for 2012 will be around 125.  That seems reasonable with a newborn, a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, right?
In the GR choice awards I was able to vote for 10 of the 22 categories.  In 2012 I would like to be able to vote on all 22.  I might not be able to vote on the winner but I would like to look at the category and be able to think of some books I have read in that area.  I love my romance and I can’t see to stop reading it.  Addiction much??My 4/almost 5 yr old is beginning to read.  I know it doesn’t count towards me reading but I would like to hear him read a book to me.  This is really my #1 goal for reading in 2012.

My last goal is silly and doomed from the start.  I have about 50 books backlogged on my kindle.  I NEED to read them.  I need to ignore my shiny, upcoming 2012 list and try and finish some of those.  Right.  Not going to happen but it is a good stretch goal, yes?


Samantha: My resolutions are kind of boring. Except I am drastically trying to reduce my consumption of non-yellow cheese. It does’t come out of the cow yellow so why would I want to put it in my body? I also I vowed to not stay up reading past 11pm on a work night unless the author is JR Ward or Abigail Roux.

My first night before work in 2012 I closed the book promptly at 11pm, then laid in bed wide awake for an hour. But I didn’t crack!


Sophia: I don’t like to fail. If I can’t do it well, I just don’t do it. I’m one of those kids. So I like it keep it simple. Here are my resolutions:

  1. Read more books that I already own. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not going to buy new books though.
  2. Review immediately after I read. (I’ve already broken this one but there is still hope for me yet)
  3. Stop fixing things that are not broken. I’m shaky on this one. Help me.
  4. I like Samantha’s cheese resolution. I’m going with that.
  5. Visit all the naughty blogs in my Google Reader first every day, that way if I run out of time, I got the good stuff in. :)

That’s what we’ve resolved to do or not do in 2012. What are your resolutions, book related or not? Are you sticking with them? 



  1. says

    Yellow cheese. OMG, that is hysterical Samantha. But sharp cheddar is my favorite. Do they have a white sharp cheddar?

    • says

      I love love sharp cheddar. I know there is white cheddar, but don’t know about sharp cheddar. I’ll probably crack on the cheese one before the not reading after 11pm on a work night!

  2. says

    The cheese thing is hilarious, Samantha! I stay up too late reading, too, but I’d never stick to that resolution if I made it.

    @Jen – Aww, having your kid read a book to you is a lovely goal. Mine’s working on reading too. Hopefully he masters it soon.

    @Sophia – I need to review immediately after I read too. Otherwise the lazy bug bites me. Maybe I should have made that my resolution?

  3. says

    OMG..Samantha. No yellow cheese nor staying up late reading? You kill me. LOL. I’m glad you excluded Roux and Ward 😉

    Jen – Congrats on Kidlet #3!!!

    I don’t know if I have a resolution. I like having a huge tbr pile..it makes me happy. I will continue to add to it LOL. There, that is my resolution. Add to my tbr. 😉

    (and have sex with Barrons)

    • Jen says

      Have sex with Barrons should be every red blooded woman’s resolution.

      And thanks. I think we might be a little nutty.

  4. Mr FictionVixen says

    Mrs FV ….. Not touch something that is not broken …. I give this a week at most 😉 you love to tinkle around with your blog more than anything …. And I would miss the panic look on your face

  5. says

    Give up non-yellow cheese?!?! Samantha…*sputters* White American cheese is manna from heaven, though it must be very thinly sliced (doesn’t taste the same if the deli hottie – and yes, there’s a deli hottie at my local grocery store – gets lazy and goes all fat slices). I don’t want to know how the cheese got into its white state. I just know it’s yummy. :) And white cheddar – yum, as well. Um..is gouda yellow or white? Whatever, it’s yum too.

    I need to jump on the read-what-I-got bandwagon and read some of the paperbacks on the shelf in my closet. I keep buying them ’cause they’re by my fav authors, but for whatever reason, I haven’t actually read any of them for months and months.

  6. says

    Oh darn, I realize from Ava’s comment my resolution has a typo. It should say I’m trying to not eat Yellow cheese as milk comes out of the cow white and not yellow. *palms forehead*

  7. Tori says

    FV- you tinkle on your blog? Does it bring more followers? :)

    Love all your resolutions!! I wish I could make some but it would be pointless because I would not do them just because.

    They DO make a white sharp chedder-called Vermont Cheddar and it is splendiferious!!!

  8. says

    Great resolutions girls! But why are you so against yellow cheese? That is the natural color of it you know. All Dutch cheeses are yellow. Just like butter, when you churn the milk, it adds color. Most French cheeses are white, but that is because they are made totally differently. And have more calories. Soft cheese is white, hard cheese is yellow.

    My reading resolutions: to read one book a month that has been on my shelves for over a year, and read 2 cozies a month.

    Congrats on your new child, wish you lots of happiness with this new addition to your family.

    • says

      Interesting, on the churning of the milk turning the cheese yellow. Never thought of that. I just know that the yellow cheddar cheese I buy actually lists a coloring additive on the ingredients. Perhaps I’m just buying crappy cheese. :-)