Random Friday: PEEP Show, Llama Font, Giveaways and MORE!

Waaahhhh Hoooooo…I’m headed for a sugar coma! Care to join me?

S'more Peep


Easter Bunny is almost here and you know what that means! PEEPS!! Yummy, sugary, marshmallowy goodness. I just love the things people think of to do with them as well. Do I feel a Black Dagger Brotherhood Peep Show coming on? Hmm. Every year I spend a little more time than is probably healthy seeking out funny peep pictures. I like this peep s’more. Poor bunny. nom, nom, nom.


I was stumbling around the internet and I discovered The Wonderful World Of Longmire. I haven’t checked the entire site but I saw some funny stuff there. What really hooked me though was the feature, Longmire Does Romance Novels where Longmire takes romance covers and “re-imagines” them. Here are some of my favorites:

Oh come on. I’m About To Let One. Wait for it… That’s funny!!  Longmire invites readers to submit their own re-working of romance covers as well.


The Book Vixen sent me this link. She kinda gets me. Check this out, I love it!

I will learn this technique. I will do it or die trying. Maybe not but I still want to learn to do this. Then I will apply for a job at The Gap.


What I’m reading: I’m starting Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill. I’m a little nervous because there have been some strong reactions to the book so far. Looking forward to it though. I reviewed the first three books in the series HERE.


Open giveaways at Fiction Vixen:

Signed (singed) Copy of Long Time Coming by Scarlett Parish

Win a copy of The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter (Two winners)

Both end today!


Face Freaking Book

Through no fault of my own…ok so it was totally my fault but never mind that. I managed to do away with my Facebook profile. However I do still have a Facebook page. You can like us by clicking the button in the sidebar, I’d love it if you liked us. :)  But I soon realized that having a page was not enough. Without a profile I can’t like other peoples posts and pages. So, I’ve started again from the ground up. If you want to be my friend on Facebook visit me HERE. I promise not to tinker and wipe myself off the face of Facebook again. *pinky swear*


Llama love of the week: I seriously believe that llamas will eventually take over the world people. Yes it’s true. When the zombie apocalypse comes to pass, llamas will rise up, feast on those dirty rotten bastards and rule the world. That’s why I’m showing the love now. I want to live dammit. I WANT TO LIVE!

I was going somewhere with that. Now I’m scared. Anyway, many, many FV friends sent me Llama Font this week. Yes, the llamas now have their very own font. Here is Fiction Vixen llamafied:

fiction vixen...   llama font

I’m not gonna lie. The “EN” in Vixen is straight up dirty.

As to why someone would create llama font…click HERE. Loves.

That’s it for me this week. Go forth and llamafy yourselves. You’ll want to be ready for that zombie apocalypse. Make sure you choose the right side.



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  1. Amber Hughes says

    OMG! This had me LOL this morning! Love the whole llama part (“EN” is dirty! Hahahaha!) especially! Oh, and definitely Yes to the BDB peepshow! Thanks for making my morning :-)

  2. Dani from Brazil says

    Hi Sophia,
    We don’t have peeps in Brazil, to tell you the truth I had to go to wikipedia to understand your post, but I get it now, see, Random friday makes you learn new things too… 😉 Here, in the country that Edward took Bella’s virginity we have big chocolate eggs in our easter baskets (go ahead to google and type “ovos de pascoa” and will see what I mean).
    The t-shirt video is awesome, but first I have to learn how to see the video in slow motion on my Ipad… that is step one I think.
    The llama font is adorable, you guys have dirty minds, the T is my favorite.
    Happy Easter to Casa Vixen.

  3. says

    OK I soooooooooooooooooooo am going to buy peeps and graham crackers and chocolate now. S’mores are just about my most favorite food on the PLANET and this picture is awesome! ayeeeeeee!!!

  4. Kati R says

    Ahaha. Love the llama font. The first time I saw the llama letters, I saw something completely dirty at first.

    And love Longmire’s site. My favorite cover is “Ok, you’re taller then me…Happy, now?” I was cracking up looking at them.

  5. Rain maiden says

    Me and a girlfriend went and put pink peeps on our buddy’s car one year. I wish I had a picture of that. We just dipped the peeps in water and stuck them to the car. I really want that book “I’m about to let one” is there a giveaway for that book ?….lol!

  6. says

    Easter means Cadbury Creme Eggs for me. Nom nom nom. The hubby likes the Peeps though.

    I’m About To Let One. Wait for it…

    *dies laughing*

  7. says

    I wanna learn to fold a shirt like that, too!! I watched that part of the vid like 5 times and still can’t figure out how s/he does it.

    And yes, I zeroed right in on the pervie EN.

    I’m also on the llama side…you know, just in case of the zombie llamapocalypse.

  8. says

    I think I’ve mastered the shirt fold technique… or not. It probably doesn’t work with long sleeves anyway. :)

    LOL! Naughty font. :) Actually those llamas don’t look very happy in all the odd angles they’re in. Shouldn’t we call animal care? 😉

    Have a good Easter weekend!

  9. says

    The shirt folding thing is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. No lie. We didn’t even learn how to fold shirts like that in the military! I feel like I missed out.

    The Peeps s’mores kind of creep me out, if I’m being honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love s’mores, but I don’t know how I feel about my s’more having a face (one of the main reasons I don’t eat Peeps – their beady little eyes stare at me & it simultaneously makes me feel bad about eating them AND creeps me out). I know, I need help.

    I’ve seen the redone book covers before but they never fail to crack my ass up. Older romance novels (and even some new ones) are TOO EASY to make fun of. My Grams had an entire room of her house dedicated to all her books (and the hallway too – overflow area, she called it) and we used to go through making fun of all the different bodice ripper covers. God, I miss my Grams.

    I was wondering why you were re-friending me. I was afraid I did something to piss you off and you unfriended me. Then I remembered that I haven’t robbed any banks or started any zombie apocalypses (that you’re aware of, anyway) so… yeah.


  10. says

    Can’t join you in the sugar coma but please, please, please have some chocolate for me :)

    If you work at the Gap, they have those folding boards. Maybe you’ll accidentally take one home 😉

    Oh Facebook *head desk*

    You need to use that llama font….somewhere. LOL

    Happy Easter!