Random Friday: New Kindles, Elemental Assassins, Blog Birthday and More

Happy Friday y’all!!  It’s back to school time for us! Yay!! Tuesday my youngest will start kindergarten. Our last first day of kindergarten!! You can tell I’m excited because of the !!! abuse going on in today’s post! I think we should celebrate with a video that just never gets old and truly reflects my feelings during this time of year.



You all know I love the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. I’ve read all the books and feel strongly that you need to read them as well. The Book Vixen and Smash Attack Reads are hosting an ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN Read-a-Long. You can join in and even sign up to receive reminder emails. Do it!!


The Book Pushers have a humorous post on: The strange and wonderful world of eroticacock. Count yourselves lucky I don’t have an image for this. Furry balls are mentioned in the post. Don’t drink anything while reading this post. You have been warned. :)


kindle paperwhite

I get giddy with every single new Kindle release. I’m a junkie, I admit it. The Verge has an exclusive sneak peek at the new Kindle Paperwhite. It’s sexy!! We’ll get the official announcement from Amazon on the new Kindle lineup on September 6.

Since I NEED a new iPhone and I have my eye on the “rumored” iPad mini, I don’t know if I’ll be upgrading my Kindle or not. *who am I kidding?*


OMG, I saw this over on Ava March’s blog. I yearn for Romance Barbie and Ken. I ache to own them. I mean it. I will search the ends of the earth to find a set of “Jude Deveraux The Raider — Barbie® and Ken® Dolls” AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!! These bishes are priced at $79 but it says they are no longer available from Mattel. Surely someone has a set stuffed in their garage somewhere. I bet there’s a set just waiting to be bought at auction on Storage Wars!! I need.


Image via stock.xchng

And finally, I almost forgot!! Fiction Vixen turned three this month. So I encourage you all to have a piece of cake in FV’s honor this weekend. FV said it’s ok. Have many pieces of cake.

Okay, that’s it for me! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! <–see, !!! abuse again.




  1. Angela says

    I just learned Apple was putting out a mini-Ipad this week! Waaaaa? Hello, I want one please! I’m a new electronic gadget whore.

    P.S. I swear that romance novel Ken looks a bit like Fabio.

    • says

      I sooo want a mini iPad!! The only thing I dislike about the iPad is the size. Nice that apple tries so hard to please me :)

      Ken has windswept hair!! Better than Fabio!

  2. says

    LOVE that video!!! The expression on those kids’ faces is priceless! Although, my kids are excited for school to start up. #nerds

    Great. Now I’m going to want this new Kindle. It’s like a NEVER ENDING obsession. I can’t wait to see the new Kindle line up. Amazon is no longer selling the Kindle Fire so I’m wondering what’s in store for the next generation Fire….

    You can get the Jude Deveraux The Raider Barbie and Ken dolls – for a whopping $200!!

    Happy blogoversary!! And thanks for mentioning the Elemental Assassins Series Read-a-Long 😀

  3. says

    Happy Blogvesary!!!! Hubs & I are headed out to dinner tonight sans kidlet and I’m starving and now fixated on cake. I want cake!!

    Love how romance Ken is standing on his tip-toes so he looks taller than Barbie *snickers*

  4. LSUReader says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Fiction Vixen! Definitely cake…and some champagne to go with it! Congratulations.