Random Friday: Name a Roach, Bookity, Trailers, and V-day Love

Happy Friday! Valentine’s Day is next week. Who’s excited? Oddly enough, even though I love love and I’m a hard core romance novel reader, the hubs and I don’t make a big deal out of V-day.

Roach Love

But if we did, I’d give something like this. You know because I’m all practical and shiz. Yeah I know. You wish you were my lovah. Admit it. Check out this and more “unromantic, bizarre, or borderline psychotic Valentine’s Day promotions“.

My kids on the other hand, insist that they need to pass out valentines at school. So, I will drag myself to “the Walmarts” and beat down a bitch calmly select a few boxes of lovely Valentines cards. Then I will address them all myself because helping my 7 year old and 5 year old address around 65 cards will surely kill me. I just know it. You know what, I’m putting cockroaches in a few of them just for kicks. I did not just say that.


Is it cold in here? I think it is. Iced by Karen Marie Moning is up for pre-order at Amazon. Sorry no cover yet. I might have choked a little bit at the price. $27.00? Really? Surely that’s a mistake right? For that price, Barrons will let me sit on his lap while he reads it to me and growls a little bit in between chapters right?



Oracle's Moon

More bookity stuff:

Thea Harrison shared an excerpt of Oracle’s Moon on her Facebook page.

The cyclone exploded into the house. The window curtains spun into a knot, and all the loose papers on the desk blew around the room. Black smoke seethed in the office and coalesced into the figure of one outraged Djinn.

He wore a dark crimson tunic and trousers, his raven hair pulled ruthlessly back from that elegant, inhuman face. His ivory skin was luminous against the rich red, and his diamond eyes shone brighter than the backlit computer screen, casting the shadowed office into even deeper darkness.

Yeow. He seemed bigger when he was angry.

He snarled, “You dare?”

Bigger when he’s angry? *waggels eyebrows* There’s more…go read it!!


Madness of Lord Ian

And a little bit more on the bookity front:

I love audio books and so I was excited to hear that The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley will be released in audio format next month! This has been on my TBR forever and I just haven’t found the time to squeeze it in. Maybe I’ll give it a listen on audio? I’m told Lord Ian is worth it. Do you agree?

It’s not listed at Amazon yet in audio format, but you can check it out at Tantor Audio.

Hey, she looks familiar!

RT Book Reviews has a Caught on the Cover post where they highlight book covers that feature celebrity lookalikes.

Celebrities on Book Covers

This one is the most blatant. What happened to headless heroes and heroines? All you really need is a good set of moobs, am I right? See the rest over at RT Book Reviews.

Illustrated romance novel? Sounds naughty right? 

Catherine stumbled upon this over at Historical Romance Addicts.  I admit, at first I was a little dubious. But watch the trailer, it looks kind of cool. (Try to ignore the weird moaning or whatever it is lol)  The book is $5.99 at Amazon. I’m tempted to get it just to check it out.

Second Hunger Games trailer:

It’s not often I get really excited about a movie after I’ve read the book. I just prefer my own vision I guess. But the trailers for this movie are awesome! I loved the Hunger Games trilogy and expect to the love this movie too.

I’ll leave you with some Valentine’s Day llama love. Go get yours!

Happy weekend!



  1. The Book Vixen says

    $27.00?!!! Oh, but that’s for the hardcover. Okay. I thought that was for the Kindle edition.

    That does look like Paris Hilton! I did a post on celebrity look alike book covers (though the ones I mentioned were mainly YA).

    Every time I see the Hunger Games trailer, I’m reminded I need to read the books. And soon. Because I want to watch that movie on the big screen!

    So glad we got our Vday cards already. Just need DD to sign her name on them; they’ll address them in class. Or maybe just pass them out? I dunno.

  2. says

    The dreaded Walmart trip. I’m a mean mom and used to make my kids make their own Valentines. It kept them out of my hair for a few hours and I didn’t have to fight off the crazies pushing me out of the way as I tried to grab the last box of Hello Kitty cards. That was the last straw for me.

  3. says

    First of all – I’m sitting on Barrons’s lap right now..so he is a little busy to come visit you. Sorry.

    YES! You must listen to Lord Ian! Omg..so good. You will adore him.

  4. says

    LMAO – the llama being abducted by loving aliens. Perfect V-day card for you!

    I totally understand wanting to do the kiddies’ valentines for them, especially for 65 cards. Kidlet is 8, and it’s the first year she did them herself. Prior years, her handwriting miraculously got very neat & tidy for her valentines cards.

  5. says

    Wow. I cannot believe the price of Iced. I am way too cheap for that. I may choose to buy $50-$100 of books a month if I feel like it, but $27 of those dollars are not going to a single book.

    Yes, read about Lord Ian! I loved that book. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!


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