Random Friday: Men In Kilts, Chuck E. Cheese, Edible Books And Llama Cake

Happy Friday. I’m taking my life in my own hands today. I’m taking my children to Chuck E. Cheese. Keep my in your thoughts, send healing vibes.


How was your week? Did it fly by like mine? I’m in the homestretch with summer and getting the kids ready to go back to school. Soon I will be registering my youngest for pre-school, fighting the masses at WalMart for school supplies and getting the kids back on a school time sleep schedule. Waahooo!




I saw this on Galley Cat. It’s a honey-scented white chocolate book with a fruit leather cover. The ultimate snack for a book nerd. You can find the recipe on Hungry Happenings.



Mah next Random Friday was sent tae me be fiction vixen reviewer extraordinaire Caitherine. she’s aye oan th’ lookit fur stoatin mince fur Fiction Vixen an’ Ah hink she pure cam ben thes time. Thes is pure stoat. Change onie sentence intae Scottish dialect. <—That’s me. Being Scottish

Translation: My next Random Friday was sent to me be Fiction Vixen reviewer extraordinaire Catherine. She’s always on the lookout for great stuff for Fiction Vixen and I think she really came through this time. This is really cool. Change any sentence into Scottish dialect.

Yes, that’s right, you can write all your emails with a Scottish accent and make everyone think you’re a hot Scottish guy in a Kilt. Check it out here. There are other translators here.


While I was searching out a Highland Hottie for this segment of Random Friday I ran across Men In Skirts.


This is quite tame as far a danglage goes. There is a lot more danglage on the site. Why do I feel like I just lost my Random Friday crowd to the danglage site? LOL.



While I was there browsing around I also found this Kilt Stool for the win.


What I’m reading:

Southern Arcana Readalong

I’m finishing up a re-read of Crossroads in preparation of our August 17th discussion here at Fiction Vixen. Everyone who participates will be entered to win a refurbished Kindle. Hope to see you there!!

How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf

I’m also reading How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper. I jumped right in after reading the Jane Jameson series. Lots of similarities but I like it. Actually I think I might be enjoying the Naked Werewolf a little more than the JJ series.


Blog News: 

My 2 year blogging anniversary is coming up later this month. I talked to the hubs yesterday and it’s official. I’m going to have a big giveaway to celebrate! I won’t say what yet but I’m excited.

Open Giveaways: 

Don’t forget to enter theUn-stuff My Bookshelves giveaway. Ends August 19 


Weekly Llama:

Since I’m going to Chuck E. Cheese today I thought sure I’d find a llama pizza somewhere. No luck. Instead I give you llama cake. That’s almost as good as pizza right?


It’s actually not as horrific as you’d expect a llama cake to be. Unless there is actual llama in the cake, in which case it would be beyond all limits of horrific. Yeah.

That’s all for me folks!



  1. says

    OMG… that chair is epic! I’m going to snatch that picture and email it to my husband!

    Why is it that I always happen be looking at balls or something phallic on your site whenever my boss walks by?

    I swear, Fiction Vixen is going to get me fired… but I’ll go down laughing.

  2. says

    I got a copy of How To Flirt With A Naked Werewolf because of an email mix up. I emailed the publisher back instead of forwarding it to my blogmate for her opinion. Anywho, I ended up really liking it. I consider it to be one of my better screw ups.

  3. Denise Z says

    I loved the little books and just had to share about it – what fun – thank you for sharing :)

    • says

      Yes, I thought those little books would be cute at a book nerd party or something LOL. I don’t care for white chocolate but I still want to make those. Must plan a book nerd party soon. :)

  4. tori says

    That chair-roflmao! I love kilts-especially when men are in them. I guess they really go commando huh? I did not know that.

    Chuckie Cheese brings back so many bad memories. lol

    Well, you know how I’m feeling about back to school. Is it to much to ask to go pee in peace?

    Another great Friday FV

  5. says

    Sorry I’m late to the RF party. How did CEC go? I take it you survived? I avoid that place like the plague.

    I am looking forward to back-to-school shopping at Wal-Mart!! I LOVE getting supplies. I’m waiting for the damn list the school’s suppose to send me. I feel like they’re waiting until the absolute last minute – when all the good stuff and prices will be done. Why are they doing this to me, why????

    Okay, so I went and bought me so composition books. What? They were 40¢ a piece :)

    I may be the only one but I’m not a fan a guys in kilts. But that picture of the ‘nuts’ is hilarious!!

    We should get you a llama cake for your blogoversary 😀