Random Friday: Kindles, J.R. Ward, Anderson Cooper Llama and MORE!

Happy Friday! It was an awesome week. I did some shopping, got some good stuff  like clothes and shoes for my kids, deviled egg trays (shutty Mandi), and I looked at wall art for the giant blank wall behind my couch. Didn’t buy any wall art but I looked. I still have no clue what to put there. It needs to be BIG, maybe three pieces…I don’t know.

Anyway, the most fun thing I got this week was the new Kindle Fire! Ok, it’s pre-ordered so mid to late November that baby is MINE! Have you checked them out yet? Actually there are a few new Kindles to choose from now and starting at $79 there is an e-reader for everyone.

New Kindles

This is what I’m talking about though:

Kindle Fire

Come to momma!!

Do you need one of these? Kindle Review has a Kindle Fire FAQ post worth checking out.


I like these Kindle Fire covers that look like old leather bound books


In other news(ish) J.R. Ward posted this on her Facebook page yesterday and caused quite a stir with among her fans (ie Qhuay fans):

J.R. Ward
O.M.G……… the next hardcover BDB book after Tohr has just been decided upon- and I’m not allowed to announce until the spring (please please PLEASE someone ask me that first at the Cinci signing????) but all I can say is my editor, my publisher… are the SH*T!!!!!!

This immediately started fans speculating that it will be Qhuinn and Blay’s story…FINALLY!!! Please let it be Qhuay. Please? So who’s up for a road trip to Cincinnati? hmm?


Hunger Games Trilogy

So I was going to post about the Amazing Hunger Games Trilogy deal that was being tweeted like crazy yesterday. Apparently the Kindle and Nook version of the trilogy was being sold for $4.38! I don’t know if it was some kind of rapid fire sale or a mistake but I’m sure lots of people took advantage of that amazing price. You can buy the Trilogy now for $17.85 (Amazon, B&N) which is ok. The books are amazing and well worth it.


You’ll want to be ready for the movie in March of 2012. I love this movie poster.


A-Coup Brings the Llama Love this week!!

Yes, you read that right. The silver fox AND a llama on David Letterman. (Alpaca purists, I know! Ok? I know) Check this out:

Seriously how could it get any better? I guess A-coup could be naked…without the llama, that would be creepy right?


That’s it for me folks!! Have a great weekend!




  1. says

    I know what you are doing. You are trying to steal ACoop as YOUR gay boyfriend. You better back off missy!!! I’m on to you.

    Kindle Fire is pre-ordered. *waits*

    Qhuay. *sweats* Don’t start making me have the jitters again. *hyperventilates*

  2. says

    Quay! The mere thought of this makes my heart thump thump thump. The cover! I have so many images in my head about that cover!

    Anxiously awaiting my Kindle Fire! They better make enough to quickly fill orders.

  3. says

    I bet there will be many a road trip to Cincinatti! I have to say, a Qhuay book would pretty damn awesome. We can only hope! As for the Kindle Fire, it is so purty! You guys should do a review on it once you’ve played with it for a month or so. I’m interested to see if it’s going to live up to the hype.

    • says

      If it’s not Qhay’s book, I will be devastated. It’s time. We need this!

      I hope the Kindle Fire lives up the hype too. It looks so cool and I’m not really a fan of the iPad for reading. It’s just too big and heavy.

  4. Rain maiden/Jen says

    Just seems like yesterday that Amazon stated it would be awhile for the color Kindle. So glad it’s now a player in the ebook game.

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