Random Friday: Khal Drogo, SOA, Manshelf, iPod Dancing And More

We had a great week here at Fiction Vixen. Mandi from Smexy Books and I hosted the Guess Who Game and we gave away some eBooks and a Kindle Fire! You can check the winners announcement and get the answers to the Guess Who game questions HERE.

I also had a fabulous week. I’m done with Christmas shopping, cards are mailed, and we’re getting the tree this weekend. DONE! Well all except for the wrapping. I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle for that.


It’s been a while since the moob man Khal Drogo has graced the pages of Fiction Vixen. I miss him. *sobs* I heard a rumor he will be haunting the Kaleesi’s dreams. I’d prefer something a little better, you know like a resurrection from the ashes? But I’ll take what I can get. You should check out Winter Is Coming.net for news and rumors about Game of Thrones TV series.


The season finale of season 4 Sons of Anarchy was this week. I haven’t watch season 4 because I’ve been watching the entire series on my Kindle Fire. Season 4 is not available as the complete season yet and I’m holding out. I am so addicted to this show though and I can’t wait to watch it!!! I’m getting the jitters.

Maybe I need a Sons of Anarchy hoodie to make me feel better until I get my fix?

Or better yet, one of these? Yum.


I was a guest over at Paranormal Haven yesterday. Stop by and read my interview and say hello. Yes, I know you stopped by here and said hello but go say hi to Stephanie and Athena! :)




Why don’t I ever meet people like this when I’m doing my holiday shopping? I would totally dance with this dude. What? I would! I dare you to watch this and not smile. I dare you.



That’s it for me! Happy weekend!



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    Oh wow! I just finished watching season 3 ‘Sons of Anarchy’. I was up till 2am finishing off the season. I literally sat there and just kept screaming “Oh my God! OH. MY. GOD!”

    I know my cousin and her boyfriend are addicted to the show, and for Christmas she has bought him a Reaper hat and a replica of Jax’s hoodie. I’m a wee bit jealous.


    • says

      OMG I know!!! The season finale of season 3 was awesome!!! I couldn’t believe it. I want season 4 so bad but I want the full season. How long to I have to wait? *cries*

      I want the hoodie man. I.want.it.

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    I want that SOA sweater! Did you see that Jax cut his hair? I’m not sure why because I still need to watch the last half of season 3 but I’m not a fan of the new look :-(

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    OMG, I love the dancing guy. He is just adorable ! It cracks me up that people act like they don’t even see him. We have learned to ignore the crazy! My shopping trips are never that fun!

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    I haven’t watched season 4, but I have heard about it in detail from my husband. This whole season has been full of OMG moments for him. He just watched the finale and I’ve got to say, this has been a season full of change. <—did that torture you a bit? 😛