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FV SpotLight

I mentioned this in our New Years post but I wanted to put this in a post of it’s own as well. Last year we saw an increase in traffic on the weekends and so I decided to start a weekly feature for authors who want to spotlight a recent or upcoming release. Readers seemed to like it and we had quite a bit of interest from authors so I’ve decided to continue the feature in 2013.

In the past our spotlight posts were by invitation only. But I realized we’re probably missing out on many great books that I haven’t heard about so this year I’m opening up the feature and authors and publishers can now request a spotlight.

We will post 1-3 spotlight posts on Sundays. We cannot guarantee a spot since space is limited but we encourage you to make submissions. On occasion we may post spotlight posts during the week. I’ll put a link in the menu bar and post reminders from time to time.

So authors keep this in mind when you have an upcoming or recent release. Make your submissions here.

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