Are you predictable?

One of my favorite features on Goodreads is the listopia section.  You can type in a couple of key words and find a list for any type of book you want.  Creepy Crawlies?  Check.  Malayalam books?  Check.  Zombies?  Check.  Then there is my personal favorite list….Billionaires.  If you were to logon to GR under my account and click on the billionaires list you would see that I have read 48 of the top 50 books.  A lot of the rest of the list features sequels of those first 50 books so in essence I have read the majority of the books on that list.

Why?  That is the question I am asking myself.  At one point in my life I would have said historical romance was my go-to.  Now if you find the best historical romance list I have only read about 20/50 there which says to me that HR is no longer my favorite genre.  How did this change and why did it change?

Along with billionaires, I have recently started to trend towards m/m.  There are tons of GLBT lists and I have combed through them lately.  I think, if you put my friends on the spot and asked them to guess what I was reading, most of them would come back with a m/m book or a tortured billionaire.  So I think I have become predictable in my reading habits lately.

Is that the norm?  Are most people predictable with what they read?  I can think of a couple of my blog mates here and a book easily pops into my head on what I think they will be reading.  So my question is:  Do you think you are predictable or are you a very eclectic reader?  If you are in a slump is there one type of book you pick up because you know you like that genre or are you more likely to be random?  Is there a way to not be predictable or do we all just like what we like?


  1. says

    Your Billionaire link to GR doesn’t work, but that’s hysterical. I have to go and figure out what mine are. I used to love Historical too but I’m zombies, NA, billionaires all the way!

  2. JenM says

    I’m not eclectic, but at the same time I don’t think I’m predictable. I mainly read UF, PNR, and romance unless I have to read a book for my non-romance reading book club, but I try to switch it up between my preferred genres so that I don’t get bored with any of them. Looking back on the month, I read more contemps. than I realized (11), but I also read 3 historicals, 2 PNR, 3 UFs, and 1 non-fic for my book club.

  3. Amanda says

    When I first find a genre I glom onto everything until I really have a good idea of what works for me and than I get rather predictable. I might read many genres but within those genres I don’t really try anything new that often. The problem with this is that only try new authors if I hear that their book has something in it I know I will like.

  4. Tina B says

    Unfortunately, I think that I am predictable when it comes to books. I almost always read Romance, but different sub-genres. My favorite used to be PNR, but now I read more Historicals, Scottish, NA, etc.
    I just found that listopia, but now that I know what it is…I’ll take a better look. Lol.