Book Covers: We Have Wings, Nips and Abs!

The Peculiars

Finally we have a cover for How To Drive A Dragon Crazy! Squee! The cover isn’t particularly special, I know, but what it represents is. It means we are that much closer to getting G.A. Aiken’s new book. I can’t wait for Éibhear and Izzy’s story! ***** Oh man, I am loving this cover. I […]

Review: Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin

Vengeance Born

I can’t say that I read much Fantasy romance, but I was intrigued when I read the description of this book. It made it seem like the book would be full of uncertain politics and tense relations between two factions. The politics and twists and turns were one of the things I loved about the […]

Review: Now or Never by Michele Bardsley

Now or Never

I have one simple question to ask after finishing the book: Where was the romance? Oh, there was a hero and heroine who hooked up at the end of the book, but there was no relationship that would require, you know, actual interaction between them. Although I had issues with the first book in the […]

A Few Book Deals

Kindle Book Deals

Catherine’s been at it again. Here are a few deals she found recently. A Match Made in Hell by Terri Garey  $1.99 Hysterical Blondeness by Suzanne Macpherson  $0.99 She Woke Up Married by Suzanne Macpherson 0 $0.99 Switched, Bothered and Bewildered by Suzanne Macphereson  $0.99 Talk of the Town by Suzanne Macpherson  $0.99 The Forever […]

Review: Wedded in Scandal by Jade Lee

Wedded In Scandal - Jade Lee

Helaine’s father is known as the Thief of the Ton.  That reputation has cast them out of Society and caused them to have to work for a living.  Helaine has always been good as designs so with the help of her seamstress best friend they open a dress shop.  They do not have many clients […]

Author Guest Post + Giveaway: Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton

 Fiction Vixen is pleased to welcome author Jaci Burton, author of the Play by Play series.    I saw my first hockey game—in person, that is, at the St. Louis Blues arena when I was in my twenties (this was quite a few years ago). I had watched hockey on television, but I hadn’t realized […]

Review: Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton


I have a confession. Taking a Shot is the first book I’ve read in the Play by Play series. It’s the third book in a series that features unbelievably HOT covers, errr I mean sports romances. I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to reading these books other than the old stand by excuses: not enough […]

Catherine’s February 2012 Recommendations

Fiction Vixen Catherine's Recs

Well, it seems as though my reading luck in February was not as high as it was in January. I only read 3 less books (down to 16 from 19) but my A books were much less frequent. So this recommendation post isn’t going to be quite as flush as usual. Hunting Ground by Patricia […]

Review: Hunter’s Prey by Moira Rogers

Hunter's Prey - Moira Rogers

 Being alone with her was a delight and a danger. Hunter is a newly made bloodhound. He was not made by the Gulild, in same manner his fellow bloodhounds were and therefore did not receive the benefit of any type of education and training.  He was kept in a cage after his making and was […]

Review: Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs

Wicked Edge - Nina Bangs

Wicked Edge is the fifth book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series by Nina Bangs.  If I could use a word to describe the first four books it would like be: cheesy.  The Castle of Dark dreams is a place where people go to live out their secret fantasies.  That sounds kind of dirty […]