Review: Wolf Hills by Bianca D’Arc

Wolf Hills - Bianca D'Arc

There is this secret part of me, not so secret now I guess, that loves shifter books.  There is something about the “mating” that has me glued to the pages.  Wolf Hills is book six in the Brotherhood of the Blood series and while the previous books have been about vampires this one is about […]

If You Like: Then You Should Read: (Ava March – Historical m/m Edition)

Convincing Arthur - Ava March

Hubs and I are watching Game of Thrones again this season.  I’m really excited the new season is underway and I’m really enjoying the fantasy aspect in the historical setting. The plot is thickening, war is coming and no one is safe! **I miss you Khal Drogo!** While there is sex I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sexy […]

Eagerly Anticipating: Is It May Yet?

Embrace of the Damned

It’s that time again, already. Time for another Eagerly Anticipating post. Who is looking forward to May? *Scheduled for release May 1st* Embrace of the Damned by Anya Bast – I’ve only read one other book by this author, Midnight Enchantment, which made me interested in trying something else by her. Given that this is […]

Review: The Wedding Beat by Devan Sipher

The Wedding Beat - Devan Sipher

The Wedding Beat is told from a man’s point of view makes the book quite unique to what I normally read.  I was pretty curious how it was going to flow with it being a man who writes about weddings and all the stuff that leads up to the wedding.  I was pleasantly surprised by […]

Weekly Roundup Links and a New Look For FV!

Weekly Roundup

Welcome to our weekly roundup! Here’s what we did at Fiction Vixen last week: Weekend Spotlight + Giveaway: The Long Con by Lori Toland Friday: State Of The Site And Other Stuff Review: Bloodright by Karin Tabke Review: Learning From Isaac by Dev Bentham Review + Giveaway: Sins Of The Son by Linda Poitevin Review: […]

Weekend Spotlight + Giveaway: The Long Con by Lori Toland

The Long Con - Lori Toland

Blurb: British Agent Nathaniel Bradley is tasked with bringing home a stolen heirloom. After tracking the Faberge egg all the way to a group of criminals in New York, Bradley infiltrates a ring of con artists and gets sucked into the role of a high priced prostitute. While hoping for a chance to take back […]

Friday: State Of The Site And Other Stuff

NOOK Simple Touch

Happy Friday! I’ve been busy, busy, busy. Personal stuff and behind the scenes bloggy stuff have ruled me the past couple of weeks. The personal stuff has been awesome. Some good times with family, Easter and all that goodness. Yeah, I’m loving it. As the site has grown my administrative and technical duties have become more […]

Review: Bloodright by Karin Tabke

Bloodright - Karin Tabke

Bloodright picks up right from the stunning conclusion of Blood Law.  To fulfill the blood law, Falon is given to Lucien under the condition that she not be harmed- he must take her as his mate.  Because Rafe had killed the woman that was to be Lucien’s mate blood law demanded that he give up his first mate to Lucien.  […]

Review: Learning From Isaac by Dev Bentham

Learning From Isaac - Dev Bentham

Nathan Kohn is a 40 something gay, Jewish, science professor at a Catholic college. He’s been teaching there about 15 years and is relatively happy with his job and his life. His mother is supportive and he has a circle of close friends. His love life is not all that active though after the breakup […]