Review: Torn from You by Nashoda Rose

Torn from You (Tear Asunder #1) by Nashoda Rose

This is the first time I can honestly say I’m starting a review and have no idea what rating I want to give it. I think maybe I need to work out my feelings as I’m typing and hopefully will figure it out by the end… The blurb for this caught my eye: Love is like […]

Are We There Yet? Jen’s Most Anticipated Books for 2014


I am a little embarrassed to say that my Most Anticipated List for 2014 is fairly similar to my Most Anticipated List for 2013.  Well what can you do?  I make no excuses for my liking my favorite authors, I mean come on, they are pretty awesome!  And then there is that ONE book that […]

Weekend Feature: The Dom Project by Solace Ames and Heloise Belleau


The Dom Project by Solace Ames & Heloise Belleau By day, Robin Lessing has a successful career as a university archivist. By night, she blogs about her less-than-successful search for Mr. Tall, Dark and Dominant. Living up to her handle “The Picky Submissive,” she’s on the verge of giving up and settling for vanilla with […]

Weekend Feature: Double Hue by Briana Lawrence


Double Hue by Briana Lawrence “Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am the cause of this. Maybe you were normal before meeting me.” When something tragic happens, you want nothing more than to close your eyes and make all of the pain go away. For Gable Peterson it’s a little more complicated than that. When detective […]

Weekly Roundup: Week of December 22 – 28, 2013


Week of  December 22 – 28, 2013 It was Christmas week and it was awesome! I spent the week with my kiddos and hubby enjoying getting ready for Santa and the rest of the week recovering. I hope you had a great week too! It was a little slow for reviews here at Fiction Vixen […]