Review: Brook Street: Thief by Ava March

Thief - Ava March

Lord Benjamin Parker is not completely sure of his sexuality. He believes he prefers men but has never acted on his desire to be with a man. He’s heard of a club that is rumored to be frequented by gentlemen that prefer other gentlemen and he decides to visit in hopes of learning once and for all […]

Sourcebooks eBook Deals and Discounts


Sourcebooks eBook Deals and Discounts!   No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper Promotional Price: $1.99 (2/27/2012 – 4/7/2012)   The Terminator meets My Fair Lady in this fascinating debut of black magic and brilliant ball gowns, named A Best Book of 2011 by both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal Joan is from a time where demons run rampant and humanity is fighting for […]

Why I’m Not Commenting On Your Blog

Blog Chatter

One of my greatest pleasures when I first started blogging was leaving and receiving blog comments. As the years have passed, I’ve found myself commenting less and less. The main reason is, I’m a slacker. I spend a lot more time managing Fiction Vixen than I did in the early days and I’ve become a […]

New Covers: Historical And Lovely

Scandal Wears Satin

  This isn’t the best copy of this cover, as I’m sure you noticed, but I couldn’t find another version. I guess I’ll take what I can get. I didn’t find a blurb for Lessons From A Scandalous Bride but I did see on Sophie Jordan’s website that it’s Chloe’s story. ***** Heads up, Anna […]

Review: Unbroken by Rachel Caine

Unbroken - Rachel Caine

“He’s right. If anything is to survive, we have to risk everything. Everyone. There are no safe places left.” Finishing Unbroken by Rachel Caine has made me a little sad. The Weather Warden series can be traced back to my early Urban Fantasy days, along with The Dresden Files and the Anita Blake series. I […]

Review: Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone

Sinful - Charlotte Featherstone

Edited to add: Spoilers in the comments. You have been warned.  Let me start by saying I picked up Sinful by Charlotte Featherstone because I had heard such high praise about it.  I know so many friends that loved the depth of this book., so many friends that raved about the depth of emotion it brought out.  […]

Jen Discusses Books-To-Movies

Books To Movies

I took my kids to see The Lorax this weekend and as I was sitting there I started to think about books that have been made into movies. The more I thought about it, the more books I came up with. Over the past decade there are been a lot of our beloved books made […]

Review: A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

A Rogue By Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean

I have several go-to historical romance authors.  Lisa Kleypas, Anna Campbell, Anne Mallory,  and Jennifer Ashley are just a few that I will read without question.  Since 2011 Sarah MacLean has made a pretty good push to be added to this list.  A Rogue By Any Other Name is the first book in her new […]

First Day Of Spring Giveaway!

Spring Bunnies

It’s a beautiful day today where I live.  It’s beautiful here all the time but today is especially nice. I have a lot to get done today that does not involve blogging but I wanted to check in and wish you all a very happy first day of spring. Because I lurve you and appreciate […]