Review: Love’s Rhythm by Lexxie Couper

Love's Rhythm - Lexxie Couper

This is one of those books that I’m going to point out several different things about it that I didn’t care for. You’re probably going to get to the end and think, “Wow, she didn’t like this book”, and then look at my rating and scratch your head. Please do not be alarmed, there are […]

Reviewer Recommendations: April 2012

Reviewer Romance Novel Recommendations

  Each month we post our romance novel recommendations. These are book we read and recommend, but were not necessarily released  in April.   Jen’s Recommendations: Geez, did I read anything in April?  I think my life has turned into one big blur only to get worse over the upcoming months!  Thank goodness for GR and the […]

Review: Too Tempting to Resist by Cara Elliott

Too Tempting To Resist - Cara Elliott

Lady Eliza and Gryffin first meet in a brothel/gaming hall.  Such an interesting place for a first time face to face so I thought this book was going to be pretty interesting.  As it turns out Gryffin is bored with his wicked ways and wants to travel down a more respectable path.  Finding that out […]

Review: Midnight Rescue by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy

Midnight Rescue is the first book in a new series by Elle Kennedy.  We are immediately introduced to a hunky set of men that all work for the same team.  They are former CIA, FBI, Seals, and so on.  This sort of plot really appeals to me because it usually means we will get to […]

Guest Review: Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

Black Dawn - Rachel Caine

My friend Patti (AKA Book Addict Patti) from Caught in a Fab Romance is here today to review Black Dawn by Rachel Caine. Patti has reviewed several of the books in this series here at Fiction Vixen and we’re pleased to have her back again today.  Take it away Patti! In Last Breath, the rain […]

Weekly Roundup And Rafflecopter And Other Giveaway Winners!

Weekly Roundup

  It was a slower week than usual at Fiction Vixen this week. My fault, I’m ok with it. Here is what we did: Friday Pets and Other Stuff Review: Revealed by Kate Noble Review: Born To Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann Review: Handle With Care by Josephine Myles Smoking Hot Covers And Upcoming Romance Releases […]

Friday Pets and Other Stuff

rainbow dog

Happy Friday my friends! I had this idea for my Friday post; something about rainbows. I thought, hey, I need a rainbow graphic!! So off I went to my usual source but I wasn’t happy with the anything I found. Then I remembered Look what I found you guys!!! A rainbow dog!! Oh-em-gee. I […]

Review: Revealed by Kate Noble

Revealed by Kate Noble

She held up her hand in a nervous sort of wave and lowered it awkwardly.  “It’s just me,”  Phillippa said, her gaze never leaving his.  The room held still, as if any movement would shatter the space. Then Fieldstone cleared his throat and started forward with a smart bow.  “Mrs.  Benning, I’m please to see […]

Review: Born To Darkness by Suzanne Brockmann

Born to Darkness

This was my very first experience with Suzanne Brockmann. I have heard her name mentioned quite a lot, both because of her Troubleshooters series popularity and because of various discussions in Romancelandia about her political views and how they relate to her series, but I have never gotten around to trying her out. I saw […]