Review: The Professional: Part 3 by Kresley Cole

The Professional Part 3 by Kresley Cole The Game Maker

Part 3 of The Professional show us what is behind the curtain.  For real.  Part 2 left off with Natalie and Sevastyan in what we can assume is a sex club, set up in a room with a curtain being pulled back.  We all knew it had to be good and it certainly was.  Behind […]

Tempting Teaser: Up From the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Up From the Grave Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress series book 7

  Horror flashed across his feature, and he grabbed me too fast to block.  “You promised me you would never do that, Kitten!” “To quote Ian, ‘I changed my mind, Crispin!’”  I thundered back at him.  Then I ducked beneath him, shoving him when he tried to grab me again. He stayed where he was, […]

Review: The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell

The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell

I usually start my reviews with a summary in my own words and then move on to how I felt about the romance, plot, characters, etc. I’m going to do things a bit different with this review. Blurb from Goodreads: Lady Aileen never thought she’d be in this position—falling in love with her sister’s betrothed! […]

What-To-Read Wednesday: Edges by Darien Cox

Edges by Darien Cox

Welcome to What-To-Read Wednesday. Each week our Fiction Vixen reviewers will tell you about a book they think you need to read ASAP. This week Amy recommends: Edges by Darien Cox Rugged, lumberjack, Mick appropriately nicknamed “Mick the Dick” is a player. He is well known at the local gay bar, Stiffies (I giggled every […]

Review: Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes

Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes

There are so many reasons why this I shouldn’t have liked this book as much as I did. First, it’s short. Very short, only about 94 ebook pages. I’m not usually a huge fan of novella sized books simply because it’s hard to give a complete story in so small amount of page time. Secondly, […]