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It’s time for our monthly romance recommendations. These are books we read in November that we think you should read too. Not all books were November releases. Here we go…

Angela’s Recommendations

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean ** [AMZBNSK]
In my opinion, Sarah MacLean writes some of the best heroes and heroines in historical romance. I have simply adored every single thing I’ve read of hers. In One Good Earl Deserves a Lover she gives us an amazing heroine in Pippa who steals the heart of our hero Cross simply by being herself. The sexual tension is off the charts and there is a love scene where Cross dirty talks Pippa that had me swooning. Smoking hot. **Review to come

Iced by Karen Marie Moning ** [AMZBNSK]
Iced was the continuation of the world started in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning, but told from Dani’s POV. I can honestly tell you after reading I have more questions now than before I started, which seems to be the way KMM rolls. When you finish reading you will be unable to think of anything else for days. Sophia and Jen had a “What the feck we think post” and a “What the feck we felt post” .

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor ** [AMZBNSK]
Laini Taylor’s YA release last year, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, was one of my top picks for 2011. I can’t even begin to convey how fantastically beautiful her writing is. It just is. Days of Blood and Starlight was a harder edged, grittier, more violent book, but I was just as taken with these characters and just as swept away by this fantasy world that Laini Taylor has created. This will be on my top picks of 2012 list.

The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZBNSK]
I was a little tentative about branching out and reading a fantasy, time travel KA. I am deeply in love with pretty much everything of hers I read, but those are all contemporaries and I didn’t want to ruin my winning streak. I read both The Golden Dynasty and the first book in the series Wildest Dreams in about two days, over Thanksgiving holiday. Now I’m convinced there is nothing she writes that I won’t love. Her fantasies are even better than her contemporaries. Seriously, go try this series out, part historical, part fantasy, part-time travel, with a dash of pop culture and with KA’s signature angst and sexy scenes, you can’t lose.

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn ** [AMZBNSK]
I picked this one up because Catherine loved, Sophia loved, Amy loved and Jenn loved. Which pretty much seals the deal for me. If these ladies say it’s good stuff, then it’s good stuff. There might have been mention of pierced peens, bald heads and a seriously tatted up hero. That is what kept me reading till 4 in the morning. I’d read Rock Me about Seth’s bff Brian, but I believe I enjoyed this installment more. The combination of country girl and hot, rock-n-roll bad boy is my new favorite romance couple. Catherine’s review

Samantha’s Recommendations

A light reading month for me. Not much out there is catching my eye, so I’ve actually been doing some re-reading of my favorites. Also, I’m totally wrapped up in marathon viewing of Friday Light Nights. I’m even thinking of reading the book it was originally based on. But I do I have a few books to recommend including a new to me author.

But For You by Mary Calmes ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Can it really be the last book for Jory and Sam Kage and the A Matter of Time series? *wipes tear* If you have read this series, then you must read this book. I sure will miss these guys and the crazy antics of Jory and the shoulder biting of Sam. *sigh*

Horizons Series by Mickie B. Ashling ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I think we all know by now I like my m/m books on the crackalicious side. I mean sometimes there are books that just keep throwing things at you and you can’t stop turning the pages. I officially declare the Horizons Series as crackalicious. There are three books in the series: 1. Horizon, 2. Taste, and 3. Daddio. That’s right – the last book is called Daddio. In it a kid calls his father’s boyfriend Daddio. For real. I loved every minute. I read all these non-stop during one afternoon a few weeks ago. They should be read in order to get the full effect. And don’t even get me started about the little kinky fetish we learn about Grier in the book Taste. There’s also football, pole dancing, and plenty of weird family dynamics going on.

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I know this isn’t the typical genre of book that we review here, but I know we have runners who read our reviews, because I chat with you often on Twitter. I’m running now and picked this up at the library. It was so fascinating and by far the most interesting thing I read this month. Dean Karnazes is well known in the running world but I didn’t really know much about his story or that he’s actually very funny and seems very humble. Did you know he didn’t run between the ages of 15 and 30 – until the night of his 30 birthday  when he went out and ran for 30 miles!

Jen’s Recommendations

It was just an ok month for me.  Since my last two were fantastic, I suppose that is to be expected in the normal cycle of things.

Exposed to You by Beth Kery ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Love, love, loved this book.  It will be in my top 10 for 2012.  Everett was amazing and their courtship was beautiful.  I laughed, I cried, I did it all with this one.  Amy’s review here.

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lyn ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
The pierced peen originally grabbed my attention but the book held the rest.  Seth was hot and emotionally lovable.  Catherine’s review here.

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet by Darynda Jones ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I love Charley and Reyes.  Charley had some struggles to overcome in this one.  Even though they are a tiny bit on the outs I really liked seeing Reyes still show up to protect Charley.  As always, the secondary characters are wonderful.  I was left with a lot of questions though.  See my review here.

Sophia’s Recommendations

I had an alright reading month. A few DNF’s, a few okay books and a few that really stood out. Here we go:

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Holy moly the minute I finished this book I wanted back in! I’ve heard all the buzz but as usual I was late in reading. This is such an angsty love story. Rock-n-roll hero and a country girl find love. Read Catherine’s review.

Night Whispers by Alisha Rai ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
This was an unexpected surprise. Not that I didn’t expect to enjoy it; I do like Alisha Rai’s erotic romance. But this is a dystopian romance that features zombies. Something totally new from her. The romance was very sweet and the world interesting. Review here.

Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
I really love this series. The hero was a little different in this one. He doesn’t like kids but falls for a single mom. I liked that he didn’t warm up to the kids right away, it felt more real that way. The romance and sexy times were so hot and the little secondary “romance” was very interesting. Review here.

Iced by Karen Marie Moning ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
Jen and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time discussing this book. It was made of awesome. I worried Dani’s trilogy wouldn’t hold the same magic as the first books in the Fever Series but I was a fool. Read this book!! Our Iced posts: Iced: How The Feck We Felt and Iced: What The Feck We Think.

Amy’s Recommendations

Exposed to You by Beth Kery ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
This was hands down my favorite read of the month.  Exposed to You is such an intensely heated and emotionally satisfying story on many levels.  I informed Beth Kery if Santa would just deliver the hero, Everett, under my tree my Christmas list would be complete…like forever. 😉  Ms. Kery has such a sensual voice that draws you into the souls of her characters and the opening chapter will leave you panting!  Check out my review here.

Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
When we find those sexy gems in romance, we love to share the scoop.  After Catherine’s review and the buzz from other blog friends, all of us at Fiction Vixen had to experience the pierced peen, tat goodness of hero, Seth “Ghost” Warren!  Heroine, Macy Rodgers is a strong, multifaceted character and on the surface they don’t fit as a couple.  She’s all country, he’s heavy metal; but together, they SIZZLE!  Seth was such an easy hero to love as well as his stamina! This was a fun, sexy read and I’m looking forward to reading the prior two books in the series.

With Everything I Am by Kristen Ashley ** [AMZ – BN – S – K]
This is the second book in The Three PNR series by Kristen Ashley and I enjoyed it much more than the first book, Until The Sun Falls From the Sky. The hero, Callum who is King of the werewolf clan is the typical Alpha a-hole Ashley fans have come to love.  He’s arrogant, bossy and romance is the last thing on his agenda; until Sonia.  For the record, their love scenes are smoking HOT!  This is your typical “you are my lifemate” I’ll never be sated goodness.  Sign me up for a shifter!  It’s another cracktastic win for Kristen Ashley addicts, like me.


That’s what we read in November. What did you read? What do you recommend?

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  1. Dani Koff says

    My favorie november book (and one of my favorites this year) was Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole. One of my favorites from her (and I have read all her books).

  2. Marlene Howard says

    My favorite November book was The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting. I love this series, the 1st book was The Bodyfinder it was good, the 2nd was Desires of the Dead and it was better, but the The Last Echo which is the 3rd book was amazing, I loved it.