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Chicks & Dicks: Industry News: Pirates (Arrrr!)
To a casual visitor, this just looks like a good place to buy books. They are a great deal, and surely the author and publisher authorized this and are getting paid, right? There are the paypal and…via:

This stunned me. Seriously people, know who you’re buying your books from. Pirates suck! And then there’s this:

Piracy witch hunt downs legit e-book lending Web site | Internet & Media – CNET News
Several authors on Twitter mistook an e-book lending Web site for a piracy hub, a mistake that eventually took the site offline. As the dust settles, a disturbing picture of file-sharing hysteria…via:

Not the same thing! Wow.


Goodreads issues new guidelines. Welcome to Goodwrites! | VacuousMinx
After the various author-reviewer battles and meltdowns of the past six months, Goodreads promised to issue new more explicit guidelines about what reviews should look like. They assured reviewers…via:

I’ve been reading grumblings about the new GoodReads guideline but couldn’t make sense of it and since there is not date on the guidelines, I wasn’t sure if I was actually reading the updated version. Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos linked to Vacuous Minx who has a good post about the new guidelines at Goodreads.


Karen Marie Moning Posted a teaser from ICED
“Kid, when will you learn.”

“You’d be amazed the things I know.”

“You might be able thrash your way out of a spider-web, but thrashing in quicksand doesn’t work. The harder you fight, the more…via:

I’m excited for the release of ICED in October! Read the teaser on Karen Marie Moning’s Facebook Page.


Speaking of Audiobooks: August 2012 Releases « All About Romance’s News & Commentary Blog
August’s Romance Audiobook Releases Includes releases of audiobooks in new formats…

All About Romance posted a list of audiobook releases. My wishlist just got bigger.


Stumbling Over Chaos :: Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 131st (In Which There Is A Shocking Revelation) via:

 Chris has another great installment of Misadventures in Stock Photography. I love these posts.


How I’m Learning to Live With and Love 50 Shades of Grey
Publishing needs books like this. It makes a publishing house healthy and then they can take chances or bring us books that are less well known but deserve to be published. Authors need books like this. A book like 50 Shades is a book most authors say to themselves that they can write. The success of 50 Shades emboldens authors to keep writing. We readers need that.…via:

Although I’m sick to death of the marketing ploys that try to capitalize on the 50 success, the knock-off and copycats, I’m pleased that 50 has brought more readers to the genre. Jane points out that this kind of success can create a more robust industry.



How-to Backup WordPress Sites to Dropbox
What would happen if all of the hard work you put into your website was all wiped away by a hacker or malicious virus of some kind? It would be difficult to find the motivation to start all over…via:

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