New Covers Check’em Out!


The cover for Riveted by Meljean Brook is my favorite in the series so far. I have not been a huge fan of the cover styles to date, so it’s nice to see this one looks a little more polished. Who’s excited about the release of this book? Me!!!


Angel Betrayed

I read the first book in this series, Angel of Darkness, and was intrigued by a side character, Sammael, who I could never quite get a handle on. Was he a good guy? Was he bad? Toward the end of the book we finally understood his motives, but he was a mystery for a while there. Angel Betrayed, the next book in Cynthia Eden’s Fallen series, is his story and I can’t wait to read it.


Angel in Chains

Angel in Chains is the third book in the Fallen series. I haven’t found any information about the main characters of the book, but at least we have a cover. I like the fall color tones on the cover of this latest book by Cynthia Eden. I’ve noticed that yellows and reds and oranges seem to do it for me. :)


Darkness Hunts

I’ve been a fan of pretty much every cover in Keri Arthur’s Dark Angels series. I couldn’t get into the books, but I like looking at them. 😀 Darkness Hunts is no exception, especially because it a lovely fall tone to it, too.


Blackhearted Betrayal

The publishers have really done a good job of identifying this series at a glance. I think it’s the glowing green eyes. :) I knew right away, without having to look at the author or series name, that Blackhearted Betrayal was part of the Shades of Fury series. I always like when I can spot connected books easily when I’m in the bookstore, so kudos to Kasey MacKenzie for that.


Blood Vow

Two guys, one girl, huh? I can see where this is going. 😛 Blood Vow is the third and final book in Karin Tabke’s Blood Moon Rising trilogy.


Kiss of Surrender

Oh look, another angel cover. It seems to be a trend in this post! The first book in the Deadly Angels series, Kiss of Pride, seems to be about a viking vampire angel, which absolutely blows my mind, although it does conform with the Sandra Hill I’m used to reading in past days. So I have to wonder, is Kiss of Surrender about a viking vampire angel, too? I admit I’m baffled by the existence of a vampire angel, let alone a viking vampire angel.


Dragon Justice

I am not familiar with Laura Anne Gilman’s Paranormal Scene Investigations series, but the title for the fourth book in the series, Dragon Justice, perked my interest. I like dragons. :) Anyone familiar with this series?


Stolen - Shiloh Walker

Here is the cover for Shiloh Walker’s Stolen due out in October of this year. This one looks like the covers in The Ash Trilogy.


Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

And finally, the cover for Poison Princess the first book in Kresley Cole’s first YA series (The Arcana Chronicles) has been revealed. What do you think?


  1. says

    A Viking Vampire Angel?! For realz? That’s a triple threat if I ever saw one.

    Ooo, and I’m loving the cover for Riveted much more than the previous covers too!

    Thanks for the eye candy Catherine. I think I might spend some time today trying to photoshop my face onto that Blood Vow cover. What? A girl has to find her thrills somewhere. 😉

    • says

      LOL. Enjoy your quality time with Photoshop. 😛

      I am still baffled by the thought of a viking vampire angel. It sounds like a very confused individual.

  2. says

    Covers just keep getting better and better.

    Not a big fan of YA but that is a great cover by Cole.

    I started the first book of that Karin Tabke series last night and that cover makes me wonder now!

    • says

      I still enjoy the angel thing, but it’s getting harder and harder (in my opinion) to find books that take it seriously. I want more than just an angel slapped in there. I want a detailed world and layered characters. I want more Meljean Brooks. Her Guardian series has spoiled me.

  3. Alea says

    I’ve read & enjoyed Laura Anne Gilman’s PSI series & am looking forward to Dragon Justice. She doesn’t write HEA endings, though — I’d say this is more urban fantasy than paranormal romance. There may be a HFN ending in this book as there’s a close connection & attraction between two characters that’s built over the previous books–one based partly on magic that they’re resisting b/c they don’t like having magic decide this for them.

      • Alea says

        No love triangle — but in earlier books one character was dating someone else & the other had no-strings liaisons. The romance aspect is definitely secondary in the books — which are about the creation & early cases of a magical CSI agency.