My Favorite WordPress Plugins: Part 1

Recently I did a post on what a newbie should know before going plugin crazy. Now that I’ve shaken you up, scared you and made you all skittish, I’m going to entice you to throw caution to the wind and tell you about a few of my favorite free WordPress plugins. Keep in mind, plugins sometimes don’t get along and they can conflict with each other or even disagree with your template. Use caution and DO NOT create voodoo dolls in my likeness if it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

My very favorite and most useful plugin I’ve found to date is Pick Giveaway Winner. This plugin quickly and easily selects winners for your giveaway post and gives you a few useful options.

  • Select your giveaway post from the drop down menu
  • Select how many winners
  • Decide if you’d like to allow multiple entries
  • Click and let the magic happen
Your results will pop up with the winners name as they entered it into the comments along with the email address they used. Easy-peasy, no need for numbered comments or long, treacherous trips to Random.Org. You do it all from your WordPress Dashboard.
Download it at the WordPress Plugin Directory, or visit the developers website.



The next plugin I’d like to feature today is Advanced Spoiler.

This is a very cool plugin that hides text or images in your blog post. It even hides the spoiler when your post is viewed in a feed reader. Go ahead, try it out.

Show Spoiler »

Download from the WordPress Directory, or visit the developers website. (Note: This is one of those plugins that has not been updated in a while. I am cautious of plugins that are not well maintained but this is a very useful plugin and as of this post date, I have not had any issues with it.)

The last plugin I’d like to tell you about today is Subscribe To Comments Reloaded.
This plugin allows blog readers to subscribe to the comments on each post, and you can even subscribe without commenting. I think this is one of the most popular features on the blog as we have several subscribers with each post.
Download from the WordPress Directory, or visit the developers website.
Ok, that’s all for today. Go forth and enhance that blog! In the next week or two I will be telling you about a couple of my favorite premium plugins.


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    Your a WP guru now. Someday I’ll switch-then I will be sobbing to you in emails begging for help every 10 minutes. 😛

  2. says

    I keep waffling about moving to WP. I keep hoping that if I just wait out all this Google madness it will be great. Fingers crossed – if not I will be back and using all your tips.

  3. says

    Hmm…I use Blogger but the giveaway picker would be great! I wish Blogger would make some widgets like these!

  4. says

    I’m enthusiastically playing with WP – I’m over comming my fears one at a time 😉 and oh, the pugins and gadgets are spinning me out of control but loving the hunt for what I’m going to use 😀 Thanks for pointing these out!!

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    Oh how I wish Blogger would come up with a giveaway winner picker widget. That would be wonderful! (Are you listening Blogger?!!) I am too scared to use WP so my novice butt will be staying with Blogger.

    Love the new background! You’re always making subtle changes :)

    What is this Southern Arcana read along I see in your sidebar?!! I haven’t read a Moira Rogers book yet and that’s need fixin! This might be the perfect event to help me with that :)

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    OMG… I’m with Tori… someday I’ll put on my big girl panties and switch to WP… and then I’ll be crying for help! I do LOVE the notification plug in. I want!

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    Thanks for this, Sophia! I moved over to WP months ago but there are SO many plugins to choose from. I’m always thinking I’m missing out on some great ones and you just proved me right. LOL Can’t wait to see the rest of the ‘list’ :)