Mini Review: When I’m With You: When We Touch Part I by Beth Kery

Beginning 3/5/13 with each new installment coming out on Tuesdays: New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s blistering new novel of a man and woman bound by the scandalous secrets of the past—and by the sexual hunger that still fuels their uncontrollable desires…

Restaurateur and self-exiled heir Lucien Lenault’s first look at the breathtaking young chef trainee for his trendy Chicago restaurant is a shock. She’s Elise Martin, daughter of a wealthy French fashion designer. She’s also the holder of a secret that could explode his carefully laid plans.

 When We Touch (When I'm With You #1) by Beth KeryWhen Lucien walks into his business to find his chef trying to seduce someone.  He is shocked to see it is Elise, the woman he so recently turned away.  Elise is trying to turn her life around and has been to culinary school.  The job as an apprentice chef is the last step in her schooling and she will not let Lucien deny her the new life she has worked so hard at achieving.

When Lucien once again turns her away and she ignores his orders, he decides to give her what she really needs.  She needs a measure of control and discipline in her life.  He will allow her to work as his chef as long as it is under his terms.  If she doesn’t like it, she can leave and find some other way to accomplish her goal.

I offer up my sincerest thanks to Ms. Kery for giving me more of Ian and Francesca.  Ian makes an appearance to talk to Lucien about asking Francesca to marry him.  He is nervous about bringing her over to the dark side and wanted to talk to Lucien, someone who has similar experience with the dark side.  I am very excited to see more of them and hope this trend continues as more installments come out.

It is no secret that I loved Ian and Francesca so I am a little nervous at the direction of this new serial.  Lucien is very wary of Elise because she overheard a conversation between him and another man about getting information on Ian.  I was always under the impression that Ian and Lucien were friends and even in this installment they are mentioned as being very close.  I think only time will tell us what the conversation was about but it held some sinister undertones that made me think twice about liking Lucien.

Overall I liked the start to this new serial.  I look forward to finding out more about Lucien and Elise and also to following Ian and Francesca’s continuing story.  Final grade- B+

Favorite Quote:

You have given me no other choice.  Consider your challenge accepted, ma fifille.

Rating: B+
When I’m With You: When We Touch Part I by Beth Kery
March 5th 2013 by Penguin Publishing
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    • says

      Normally I like the covers of her serials but I did have the thought that is a funny looking fork. Aren’t the tongs too long?

  1. Lee says

    I am a big fan of Beth Kery overall, but I have to say this first edition really didn’t do it for me. I found the approach to the story forced and did not like Lucien at all. I’m going to give it one more chapter (as I really like the body of work Kery has produced), but unless something comes across that will show my why this approach to disciplining an adult (even in a sensual context), I’ll skip the rest of the serialization.