Mini Review: When I’m With You Part V: When You Submit by Beth Kery

 When You Submit (When I'm With You #5) by Beth KeryIn part IV of When I’m With You Elise finally tempted Lucien into having sex by pulling a bonehead move and almost getting herself thrown from a horse.  As this was Elise’s first time, a fact unknown to Lucien, he feels very guilty for taking her in such a cruel way.  He broods on it all the way back to his home where he tells her to get her stuff and move into his room.

I could have handled Lucien’s brooding because I do think he felt like the whole thing was his fault.  What I didn’t like was Elise’s attitude about the event.  All of the sudden she feels guilty and like she did something awful that has caused Lucien to feel awful.  Well, what did she think would happen?  She pulled a dumb stunt and got what she was asking for out of it.  And now she wants to go all emo as if the outcome wasn’t what she had planned.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I am connecting with Elise.  She comes off as too much of a spoiled, rich girl playing at a new life.  She talks to Francesca about how she wants to open a new specialized restaurant but I wasn’t feeling her story.  I think she may have burned too many bridges and I just don’t feel the needed sympathy for her or her cause.

For about half of this installment, Lucien is out-of-town dealing with a business issue.  This leads to much phone sex and dirty stuff done on their own.  I still give Ms. Kery credit for being able to write the best blow job scenes out there and we are lucky enough to get one of those creative events in this installment.

Sadly, I think I am just reading this serial for more glimpses of Ian and Francesca.  I did see that they will have more story in Because We Belong that will be out in November of this year.  Such a long wait for what I really want.  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“You don’t want to trust, Elise.  You either do or you don’t.”

Rating: B-
When I’m With You Part V: When You Submit by Beth Kery
April 2nd 2013 by Penguin Publishing
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