Mini Review: When I’m With You Part IV: When I’m Bad by Beth Kery

 When I'm Bad (When I'm With You #4) by Beth KeryTwo major things took place in part IV of When I’m With You.  One event I did not like and then other one was a long time coming and was driven by the first event.

In part III Lucien learned that Elise was living in a dump.  At the beginning of this installment he insists that she move in with him but things have to be on his terms.  She is given a guest bedroom and they will slowly work up to an intimate relationship.  Lucien’s term is that is he going to “train you to my hand”.  The term gave me a bit of a pause because it sounds a little disrespectful or like he is training a dog but I went with it.  Slowly, each night, he comes to her room and gets her used to his ways and his touch.  Elise admits to herself that is sleeping better than she ever has and maybe she is less tense.  But she is not used to a man not jumping through hoops to impress her.

After several days of relative peace Lucien calls Elise to his office to tell her he has bought her a mare.  She is excited to go see the mare but then he brings up Ian and Francesca and she knows that is the real reason he wanted to talk to her.  Lucien warns Elise not to say anything to the couple but if she does then she will just look silly.  She doesn’t know anything about his motives with Ian anyway and unfortunately neither does the reader.  Boo.

Finally Lucien takes Elise to see her new mare.  He also shows her his very temperamental stallion, Jax.  Elise gets this brilliant idea that she will hop on Jax for a ride and maybe that will incite Lucien into punishing her enough to cause them to end up having sex.  Instead Jax goes insane, runs off and almost throws Elise.  At this point, I was a irritated with Elise and not very fond of her.  Lucien reacts just wanting to punish her which means his lust is out of control.  This is what annoyed me.  Any normal person would have been angry for such a blatant disregard to safety for both the human and the animal.  Lucien just wants to have sex.  Huh.  But I did finally get that full penetration scene I was looking for.  Woot!  Lucien nows know Elise was a virgin.  Wonder how he will react to that?  Final grade- B-

Favorite Quote:

“I will not make love to you for the first time in this hellhole, but on my terms and in my place of choosing,” he stated simply.  He saw her throat convulse as she swallowed.

“And Elise?  The time will be of my choosing.  Never think otherwise.”

Rating: B-
When I’m With You Part IV: When I’m Bad by Beth Kery
March 26th 2013 by Penguin
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