Mini Review: Surrender to Temptation Part VI: Tempted to Possess by Lauren Jameson

Tempted To PossessTempted to Possess is the sixth and final installment to the Surrender to Temptation serial and I was still questioning how Zach and Devon could have a happily ever after.  Zach and Devon shared some good times at Zach’s house only to return to real life and break up…again.  This time is supposedly for good because Zach sends Devon a bracelet and a note apologizing for not being what she wants and needs.

Devon cannot let things rest so after an eye-opening conversation with her boss she calls Zach and talks dirty to him while he is in a meeting.  She hangs up the phone utterly convinced that she has said her final piece but is basically kidnapped in the parking garage by Zach.  He takes her back to his house and punishes her for her impertinence.

At this point, I knew Zach would have to come clean because there weren’t many pages left in the book.  He does.  He works up the nerve to tell Devon why he is like he is and why he cannot promise her anything.  Five plus installments and countless pages waiting for this explanation and what does Devon do?  Does she hold him and tell him she understands and she will love and care for him despite it all?  Does she tell him her love is enough for both of them?  No.  She throws the bracelet in his face, says that if he can’t give her what she needs then she is out.  Well, so much for the healing power of love.  Or love conquers all.  Argh.

You know it couldn’t end there.  Zach and Devon get back together…again…and manage to work things out.  They end with having sex on the conference room table in the middle of the work day.  So not cool.  Their preference to do things in that conference room really bugged me, frosted windows or not.  What about the person who has the meeting in their next?  Ewwww.

Each installment of the serial seemed to end with Devon leaving Zach or swearing that should would never speak to him again.  For a serial novel these cliffhanger endings work well to hook you for the next part however I think once you put all these parts together it will become too much with Devon leaving every third chapter.  Even with the week-long break between parts Devon was the girl who cried wolf by the third or fourth time she swore Zach off.  All it seemed to take was a look, a harshly spoken word or a wave of the magic peen and Devon was crumbling like a cookie.  Where I might have respected her spine towards the beginning of the book for setting out on her own by the final chapters she was a complete noodle.  And not a very likable one.  This wasn’t master and slave relationship where the slave has a hand in the power dynamics this was more master and doormat. Ultimately I was disappointed in how she turned out and did not believe Zach’s final declaration of love for those reasons. Overall final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

I would do anything for this man.

I would do everything for him

He possessed me, body and soul.

Rating: C-
Tempted to Possess by Lauren Jameson
February 5th 2013 by Intermix
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