Mini Review: Surrender to Temptation Part V: Tempted to Reveal by Lauren Jameson

We were over.  After all I had been through with him, it was absolutely, positively, one hundred percent over.

9781101620755_p0_v2_s260x420I think I had to resist the urge to bang my head on my wall with this week’s installment.  Tempted to Reveal opens up with Devon swearing she was done with Zach.  That lasted a whole 3 pages and was wiped away when Zach shows up at Devon’s desk.  I was incredibly frustrated at this point because Devon talks about how embarrassed she is and how will she ever face her co-workers again but that doesn’t stop her from leaving with Zach.  Leaving at the beginning of a work day.  She has been excused but only because Zach talked to her boss.  The whole scene was unprofessional and was completely at odds with what Devon keeps saying.

Zach convinces her to go away for a time and even allows her to drive his car.  He has always had a big hang up on driving but we don’t yet know why.  He tells her that he wants to explain everything but he can’t just yet.  Devon is disappointed but gives him more time.

When they arrive at Zach’s house they share the first light-hearted moment that I think I have read yet.  Zach teaches Devon how to surf and he almost seems happy.  Considering this is the first time they have spent quality time together I fail to see the attraction to Zach.  Those redeeming features that I keep looking for have yet to come out.

In what was so obviously a stupid move Devon declares her feelings and Zach has nothing to say.  Devon gets mad and stomps out of the house intent on walking to town and finding her way back home.  I find Devon very difficult to deal with now.  I can’t believe she thought Zach would go down on bended knee with her declaration.  He hasn’t given a single hint that he feels the same about her especially since several pages before this he was discussing reducing their relationship to a BDSM contract.  Her move was just dumb.

Once again we are left with Devon swearing she never wants to see Zach again.  Part 6 is the final installment so we will see how this gets fixed.  Final grade- C-

Favorite Quote:

This beautiful creature, this man, had chosen me.  Me, even if for just right now.

It was a powerful reckoning, a benediction.

Rating: C-
Tempted to Reveal by Lauren Jameson
January 29th 2013 by Intermix
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