Mini Review: Surrender to Temptation Part IV: Tempted to Entice by Lauren Jameson

“I’m a selfish bastard, and I want you.  I can’t share my past with you, because I can’t even deal with it myself.  But if you trust me, I can take you into my life as it is now.”

Surrender to Temptation Part IV: Tempted to Entice by Lauren JamesonWords to live by when it comes to Zachariah St. Brenton.

Part III ended with Zach basically telling Devon don’t let the door hit ya.  Five days later, Devon is still pining after Zach and trying to figure out how to move on.  She writes his a closure email thinking it will be her last communication with him.  She explains that she is not afraid of him and that in their short time he has taught her so much about herself.

So it is no surprise when directly after she sends the email, Devon finds herself in an elevator with Zach.  Again.  Zach challenges her statement of no fear and says he will take her deeper if she truly means what she says.  Not willing to end the connection with Zach, Devon agrees to whatever he has to offer.

Whatever he has to offer is a bit confusing.  Their first stop is a live sex show.  A little shocked at first, it eventually is something Devon really gets into.  From there they return to his home and he again makes the request that she whip him.  This is where I find it confusing.  Zach is clearly a sadist but is he a masochist too?  I have not read many books where a person is both and almost takes on both roles of dominate and submissive.  Or is it really submissive if he is ordering Devon to whip him?  I struggled with this scene because there are other things that happen to indicate Zach might be both.

At this point, I fail to see the appeal of Zach.  I know he brings out something in Devon that she is grateful for but there has to be some give and take emotionally.  Zach is the emotional equivalent to an iceberg.  Lust and a touch of rage are the only strong feelings that I have seen him display.  I would like Devon to stop acting like a doormat, show some respect for herself, ditch the robot and this time, stick with it.  We shall see what happens though.  Final grade- C

Favorite Quote:

Yes, I deserved someone who would give me everything I wanted.  The problem there was that all I desired was Zachariah St. Brenton.

Rating: C
Tempted to Entice by Lauren Jameson
January 22nd 2013 by Intermix
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